Whether it’s for fitness reasons or for clearing your mind, there is no denying the transformative powers a walking holiday can give you. It offers you the chance to escape everyday worries and forget daily stresses temporarily, allowing you the time to recover from the hectic modern lifestyles we have built for ourselves.

1. Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, Japan

Japan is leaving the city lovers alone and focusing on attracting people to the more rural side of the country. Kumano Kodo is usually completed within 13 days and follows the UNESCO-recognised trail across Honshu Kii peninsula.


2. Pyrenees, France/Spain

A massive region, holding countless treasures to savour. You can walk or cycle, but whatever method of transportation you choose, you won’t be disappointed by the landscape and the freedom you’ll feel there.

3. Cinque Terra, Italy

Gorgeous ocean views, breath-taking cliffs and all the gelato you can eat. Cinque Terra can only be accessed by sea, rail or on foot, making it the perfect destination to escape busy city vibes.

4. Big Sur, California

Just recently opened to hikers, Big Sur offers awe-inspiring views of glittering oceans and lush forest. You would be able to relax and forget all worries as you hike one of the most classic trips the USA has to offer.

This beach would be epic even without that waterfall

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5. The Great Trail, Canada

Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that this trail is 15,000 miles long. Many people start midway or do sections, as it covers many picturesque landmarks, including forests and crystal clear lakes.


6. Svaneti, Georgia

Unspoiled scenery greets you as you enter the Svaneti region, where hiking is the activity of the day. Snow capped peaks, green landscapes and quaint villages make this a destination for trekking and relaxing.


7. Skye, Scotland

The perfect destination for walkers of all levels. Rugged coastlines, waterfalls, caves, arches, beaches, sea lochs, mountains – this island is peppered with stunning landmarks.

8. Dominica, Caribbean

The Caribbean isn’t the first destination you think of for walking holidays, but Dominica provides trails for all walking levels. Along the way you will see forests, oceans, wildlife, flora, fauna – all exotic and wild, making it the trip of a lifetime.

Why are we called the #natureisland?

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9. Tasmania, Australia

If you want to escape city life, Tasmania is the place to go. Wild perfectly describes the island, which hosts waterfalls, wildlife, forests, and one-fifth is UNESCO recognised.

Nelson Falls in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, captured after recent rains by @brodieemery. One of Tassie's most easily accessed cascades, the falls are located a 20-minute walk from the Lyell Highway on Tassie's wild and fascinating West Coast – between the historic settlements of Derwent Bridge and Queenstown. The circuit walk to the falls is the perfect introduction to the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, with informative signs providing an insight into the origins of Tassie's remarkable wilderness: from the days of 'Gondwana' right through to equally impressive present-day insights. It's also the perfect excuse to stretch your legs when driving Tassie's West Coast. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Brodie.

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10. Lombrok, Indonesia

Have no fear – this island is far quieter than its neighbour, Bali, making this the perfect getaway for a walking holiday. With a gorgeous coastline and mountains to match, you will feel spoiled by such scenery.

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