Autumn is coming. The leaves are turning and soon will be falling. It’s official. However, to avoid those post-summer blues, check out the selection below of the most popular wellness travel destinations. Take a look and be inspired to take the trip of a lifetime, to see stunning scenery including crystal blue oceans, lush green mountains, and ancient cities.

1. Banff, Canada

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With a skyline dominated by mountains, Banff is a town not to be missed. Nestled within Banff National Park, the town is surrounded by 6,500 sq kilometres of forest, sliced through with blue rivers and home to elk and bears.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Known for its yoga and meditation retreats, Bali is a popular destination to get your wellness on. Bali is blessed with paradise beaches, volcanic mountains and gorgeous coral reefs.

3. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Deserts aren’t the usual choice for wellness holidays, but what better place to completely get away from it all? Phones, emails, computers – they won’t function here. Time spent here will thoroughly rejuvenate you. Check out how through Heart My Backpack.

4. Coromandel, New Zealand

New Zealand seems to have everything – from snow mountains to glow worms to beaches. The Pinnacles is a popular hiking trail, with breath-taking views of the Coromandel Peninsula. A brilliant location to relax and recentre.

5. Haleiwa, Hawaii

Hawaii is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs, where you can choose to lay next to crystal blue oceans or hike to a nearby waterfall. The volcanic archipelago will never cease to amaze you.

6. Tuscany, Italy

The region’s capital, Florence, is known worldwide. However, the surrounding countryside is astounding and is definitely worth a visit. Rolling hills, soft sun rays, and warm terracotta houses will welcome you to relax and drink wine.

7. Tulum, Mexico

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Mayan ruins, tropical beaches, and a national park, Tulum is a hotspot for wellness. Time here will definitely see you relax, while all thoughts of city life demolished as you live on a diet of sunshine and coconuts.

8. Maasi Mara, Kenya

Stripping back to basics and becoming one with nature, Kenya is bursting with vibrant culture and wildlife. Take a safari tour to see the creatures we share this planet with in their full glory.

9. Tayrona National Park, Colombia

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Colombia has it all. Tropical beaches, mountain ranges, hip cities – it is definitely a destination to rebalance and rejuvenate yourself. Find one of many jaw-dropping locations and find your peace.

10. Bagan, Myanmar

An ancient city, Bagan has over 2,000 Buddhist monuments dotting it’s unusual skyline. Bagan is full of holy sites, founded in the mid 9th century, and is an amazing location to meditate and find yourself.

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