May 2017


How to Become Your Own Spiritual Master

Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual path or have been on the path for many years, there is one thing that remains crystal clear, and that is the realisation there will always be something more to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

It can be both scary and exciting at the same time as we all travel through the ups and downs of life. Certainly, we live in an age where there is a lot of incredible information out there. It is literally at our fingertips!

A Papaya A Day Is Good For You

Papaya’s healthy rep dates back all the way to ancient times. Papaya has been used to treat everything from irregular periods to sunburn and irregularity. Read on to find out what this super fruit can do for your health and how you can take advantage of all of the benefits of papayas and papaya juice.

Are You a Believer?

In the constraints of a fear-based world that we seem to live in today, it is so easy to be discouraged and lose hope. It may even be a wonder how human civilisation has lasted as long as it has at the rate it is going. Day in and day out, there is news of death and destruction which is alarming and feeding the fuel of this fear. It can be consuming. It can cause anxiety, hatred and so much more.

Crystals for the Workplace

Working is stressful. And for many, it’s an unavoidable part of employment that we just have to deal with from clock in to clock out. For others, it’s something that needs to be dealt with and rid in order to be able to function more efficiently. A lot of us may love our job, a lot may not, but the fact remains that there is a level of pressure that we go through every day in our working lives.

This is where crystal healing takes place. Gone are the days when crystal healing is a concept subjected to the out-dated stereotypes of hippies and malicious conmen disguised as psychics to fool the gullible, the returning surge of crystals and their uses have found their place within the modern world of employment and those who believe and find solace in them.

Top tips for staying healthy when you travel

Eating right, getting exercise and staying healthy can be an onerous task even when you’re in your normal routine at home. But armed with a gym membership, a kitchen full of healthy food and knowledge of your local restaurants, you can most often make the right choices.

So why is it then, that so many people start to make all the wrong choices when they go away? Whatever the reasons, it’s helpful to bear these few tips in mind when travelling to help you stay on track for your goals or just maintain the healthy lifestyle that you love.

The Struggles of Moving Abroad

It may be but a daydream to move to a different country, but the possibility is definitely there. The idyllic fantasy of experiencing a different culture, making incredible life-long friends, and making crazy memories are very compelling reasons to start a whole new life. But the reality is not as idyllic as the fantasy. Moving to a new country can be lonely, it is the hidden reality behind the success stories of starting anew.

It is not only the emotional, but practical pieces of moving abroad for the unforeseeable future that may cause loneliness. Moving into a new apartment or house has its difficulties wherever you are, but especially in a new country: What are the additional costs? Where is a safe place to live? And what is the living cost? Who is there to give you advice, to hold your hand?

Overcoming Your Insecurities

Having an insecurity is universal. But letting them develop into an inferiority complex is dangerous. Getting rid of it is vital, as it affects your task performance and self-confidence.

Some individuals are excellent at hiding their inferiority complex, but some others make it very palpable. Nevertheless, it exists.  The constant feeling that you’re not good enough, or that you have many short comings is very unhealthy. It affects your self-esteem, your personality and ultimately could lead to depression and frustration.

Overcoming this complex is not easy, but here are some practical tips that can help get over it: