June 2017


The Law of Vibration: What frequency are you vibrating on?

What is the law of vibration?

The law of vibration is the foundation behind the law of attraction. The universe can give and take depending on your frequency and your level of consciousness. The law of attraction is based on another law known as the ‘law of nature’ where the key principle of this law states that ‘like attracts like’. Many people want to manifest their desires but they probably don’t know where to start.

Meditate to a Tranquil Lake

This meditation video is presented by Infinity House Retreat.

Whatever fear you may have, overcome it with this guided breathing meditation video. Watch a tranquil lake and let your worries go.

To help people unwind, replenish, and thrive after their tiring and pressure-filled days, Infinity House Retreat was created. Infinity House Retreat is a virtual world that allows members to improve their lives by providing them with wellbeing experiences they can use to boost their health and bring prosperity into their lives.