November 2017


A Is For Anxiety

With encouraging reports documenting the rise in mental health awareness floating around popular media platforms, it could be argued that things are looking up when it comes to the overall well-being of our minds… Coming in all different shapes and forms, the experiences of anxiety sufferers can often dramatically vary from person to person. In an era where pressure caused anxiety can swoop in from several aspects of life, it is often swept aside and accepted as a painful, frequently crippling part of growing up by many. Despite many now appreciating with a pinch of salt, it can’t be ignored that the constant flow of media outlets still mirroring a ‘perfect life’ template can involuntarily play havoc with numerous individual’s sense of achievement. From pre-teens to those looking into their 30’s, the generation full of innovation, aspiration, and accomplishment has arguably grown up facing a multitude of expectations. Perhaps due…

Infinity House Retreat – Stories Studios

A story that will change lives We pay up to £1000 for personal life changing experiences. Infinity House Retreat introduces our members studios, a platform for members to share their motivational and inspirational stories, experiences and cutting edge stories. Our Members Studio is geared towards positivity, inspirations and everything Mind, Body and Spirit related. We are giving our members the opportunity to upload their stories to our app as a platform for their voice. Stories will be uploaded to all Infinity House Retreat platforms including, our app, our blog, Facebook To become a member visit Or to find out more visit our website Click here to watch our trailer 

Infinity House Retreat 360° Walkthrough

Introducing Infinity House Retreat, the Worlds First 360° Virtual Reality Retreat. Click the link below to view our walkthrough video showing you how to use our app. To Create your membership for Infinity House Retreat click here To find out more about our retreat visit our website 

Does ‘The plan’ Exist? Or are we setting ourselves up for a complete downfall?

Elizabeth Gilbert tweeted “When man plan God laughs. – Ok sure true; but make some plans anyhow! If only to keep God entertained and yourself occupied” Neale Donald Walsh says that we expect God to have a blackboard with our names on it but what we have to realise it that it’s up to us the life we create. We are not meant to discover who we are but create it. Devon Franklin said he wanted to “If we look at our life as a movie and God as the directors then we use our faith to help to move us forward, trusting in the director.  In other words, you are the writer of your life, and everything you ask for, you are asking for God to assist you to bring you to it. He also rationalized on the point that too many people chase dreams that do not…

Be complacent with your yes as well as your no.

Yes and No are two very little, less than five letter words. And what a might they have! They are pleasing enough conclusions to answer a decision. I recommend taking these words in your stride. When making a decision in life, sometimes we feel the need to do so, then, overly defend, or explain ourselves when those aren’t needed. We go out of our way to really try to mean it. We do this more with the no rather than that yes. Saying no is never a big deal that it’s made out to be. You will often find that when you say yes, for example: you agree to go on a blind date, you nod to attend a outing or you say yes to try a different option on the menu, no one would ask why , they’d be happy and persevere  with what you’ve said-gladly. The word…