Audio books can divide opinions, some people like the feel and smell of a fresh book and think nothing can replace that, but some people prefer to stick on a pair of headphones and listen. Never the less I have complied a list of 5 audiobooks which will help you free your mind.

Worried that you are cheating by listening?  Daniel Willingham, University of Virginia psychologist, states that one gains an echoic memory. This is where seek little storage of your memory and will be able to obtain what is said at the last second or two. With both reading and listening, your mind will go back to what was absorbed, to check the meaning again.

Interested in audio books now? Check out some of the books below.

‘Switch On Your Brain’, by Dr. Caroline Leaf

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Dr Caroline Leaf has been studying and researching about the ‘Mind-Brain connection’ since the early 1980s. This book, which was approved by the current scientific and medical research, provides you with a more desirable health and integrity with the right thinking patterns. She reveals a ‘switch’ that occurs in the brain, to attain a more cheerful and healthy life. She provides a ’21-Day Brain Detox Plan’ that takes you through getting rid of your harmful thoughts to a healthier one.

‘A Mindfulness Guide for the frazzled’, by Ruby Wax

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In a guardian article on the motivation of writing this book, Ruby Wax aim is to de-frazzle and she said that stress should not be mixed in with frazzled, and we need stress for civilisation. Instead, being frazzled is for whatever we construct in our heads, unanswerable thoughts. In this book, she wishes to distribute her perception and wisdom to be more hearty and pleasing model of ourselves.  The author provides us with an explanation of how and why normal people change for the better. Listening to this book and following a practical exercise and a six-week course, base on a ‘mindfulness-based cognitive therapy’ along with Mark Williams at Oxford University, could be the answer you are looking for.

‘The Little Book of Mindfulness’, by Dr Patrizia Collard

Need a simple and light way to reduce stress and be in the present? If you have 5-10 minutes to spare in your daily routine, you might want to consider the little book of mindfulness. Dr Patrizia Collard, a mindfulness teacher, psychotherapist, stress management consultant and lecturer, provides you with practices to help with the stress and possibly more serenity in your life. Be ready to be immersed in all sorts of methods, such as yoga and meditation, relaxation and self-hypnosis, drama therapy and many others.

‘The Mind Management’, by Dr Steve Peters 

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Do you have impetuous actions or have constant self-doubt thoughts, that is having a bad impact on your work or own life? Steve Peters, a consultant psychiatrist, knows all about this. He has a favourable mind-management programme, that can be found in his first book. It had given aid to best athletes and senior managers to face their fears and work with better power, faith and focus. If you are interested in having a intense and full knowledge on your behaviour and responses to others and conditions, this is the book for you.

‘The Power of Now’, by Eckhart Tolle

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When you become fully present and accepting of what is, you open yourself to the transforming experience of The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

‘The Way Out of Pain’, ‘Moving Deeply Into the Now’, ‘Mind Strategies for Avoiding the Now’, does this sound like topics that appeals to you? Then you have found the right book. Eckhart Tolle believes that if you really want to be in the present, you should abandon your systematic mind and the false self-esteem.  This could help with searching for happiness and accepting one true self.

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