Many would hear “scuba diving” and immediately think of adrenaline and an increased heart rate.

This is not the case, however. Scuba diving has many health benefits, including having a massive effect on wellbeing.

1. Slows breathing.

Scuba diving teaches you to control your breathing. For instance, when you are at the bottom of the ocean, you do not use your arms and legs to rise and lower your body. You use your breath. To rise, you slowly breathe in and to lower, you slowly breathe out. This will optimize your air consumption and has been known to help deal with conditions such as asthma.

2. Can lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure puts extra strain on the heart and blood vessels, which can eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke. Through slow and deep breathing, you can calm your heart rate and manage your stress levels, which will have a positive effect on your blood pressure. Additionally, blood pressure usually fluctuates alongside weight increase. Scuba diving keeps your body strong and flexible with constant swimming underwater and handling of specialised equipment. Plus, to maintain your scuba diving qualification, you need to dive regularly, which means you will easily maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

3. Encourages fitness.

To pass the basic scuba diving qualification, the Open Water certificate, you need to be able to complete simple fitness tests, such as treading water for 10 minutes and a 200m surface swim. After you have qualified, you will naturally maintain your fitness levels. Scuba diving is far more enjoyable when you are fit, because you will be able to control your breathing so much more easily and thus conserve air better, which will mean you spend more time underwater!

4. Relieves stress.

Being in water is known to relieve stress, as it promotes feelings of security and happiness. Salt water, also, promotes many health benefits as it is packed with minerals and vitamins. Moreover, being outside in the sun is an additional stress buster, as it tops our bodies up with essential Vitamin D and endorphin production. Furthermore, all worries and problems dissipate when you scuba dive. All you can think about is the sudden burst of colour from the surrounding marine life and the beautiful sun rays filtering through the deep blue of the ocean, as you gently float along with the current.

5. Social benefits.

Scuba diving is not an isolated sport. You have to dive with a buddy, for safety reasons, meaning that every time you dive is a social occasion with like-minded people. You can dive all over the world, meaning you can find friends all over the world with common interests. Whether it’s exploring a wreck off the coast of England or wading into the crystal blue shores of Australia, scuba diving is guaranteed to transport you to exotic locations that will improve your mental wellbeing and health all in one, and will provide you with memories and friends that will last a lifetime.Useful links:

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