1.If you want to manifest then the first step is to ‘believe to receive’ which is something the Canadian author Bob Proctor preaches.  You can’t master anything in life unless you have some faith, meaning only the magical events will start occurring once you have strong levels of faith that nobody can break.

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2. A key to success and happiness is to have gratitude. To practice this you have to be grateful about your present situation and where you stand. Most people tend to forget about gratitude however it plays a vital role. This does not necessarily mean you need to reflect on your past as this can have adverse effects as you need to always focus on what you want and not what you had.

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3. The power of ‘I AM’. Use affirmations daily with the term ‘I AM’ to tell yourself that you already possess the value. This trick will speed up the process by actually tricking the universe into thinking you already manifested because of the vibration you are emitting when you use the affirmation correctly.

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4. Create a vision board that you will be able to see every day to help with the visualization process. This board can contain images of the material you want to manifest of even a picture of your crush. A little trick is to keep a print of your personalised ‘I AM’ affirmations so that as you read it every day you are telling yourself what you will manifest.

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5. Get in a deep sense of relaxation, try breathing techniques and close your eyes only to focus on what your heart desires. You will know your message is being emitted to the universe when your body begins to tingle and once you are conscious about this then your frequency will continue to grow.

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