With the rise of YouTube and Spotify, it is easy to learn of new artists and musicians. It is easy to follow them and appreciate the music they make. What is missed, however, is seeing these artists live. Nothing beats the experience of seeing your favourite artist live, of hearing personal anecdotes and seeing them getting lost in the music. Plus, it is definitely the best way to discover a new artist. Below are the benefits of live music, which ranges from inspiring energy to creating unforgettable memories. If you cannot wait to see your favourite artist live, the need is appeased by stations such as NPR, who set up bands in an intimate setting and film them live, as if you are there with them.

1. Energy

In a live concert, it is easy to be swept up by the artist’s enthusiasm for playing music and by the crowd’s love of said music. The artist’s energy is infectious as they smile and dance to the beat, their passion shown in their singing , bringing whole new meanings to the lyrics.

2. Making memories

You’ll never forget seeing your favourite band or artist walk on stage for the first time. You feel like you are a part of something great, seeing history in the making, whether they are a budding musician or a fully-fledged one. Plus, it is such a great night out with friends and loved ones, all the while supporting your favourite band.

3. Exercise

Moving and singing to a live band is almost as much fun as listening to them. You can dance and sing your heart out, although this depends on the type of concert you are seeing. Additionally, seeing live music is said to lower the body’s stress hormone, as suggested by the journal Public Health.

4. InspirationImage result for singer photography

Seeing an artist rock a guitar solo, or introduce an epic drum rhythm, or rap some heartfelt lyrics can be pretty inspiring. Whether it be musically or elsewhere in your life, music can bring peace to your mind and creativity to your soul. It is extraordinarily uplifting and can get you out of most emotional funks.

5. Networking

In more intimate settings, you can interact with artists. They will tell personal anecdotes and ask for suggestions, with some artists even conversing with the audience, since they are as eager to get to know their audience as you are to get to know them. Additionally, within the audience you can find like-minded people who can put you in contact with an incredibly creative community.

6. Experience the new

Usually with live concerts, the main artist will have a support act or two, who will generally be unheard of and play something similar to the main artist. Moreover, the concerts are sometimes in incredibly locations, such as castles and music halls you may have never been before.

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