Stereotypically fasting is practiced by a spiritual person or by someone who holds a religion. The practice involves abstaining or reducing the consumption of food and drink. Once you go without food or drink between 8-12 hours, the body enters a “fasting” state. You would be able to say we enter a “fasting” state in our sleep if that’s the case, however fasting is about being more conscious of your surroundings. It in itself if practiced correctly can provoke your body to naturally heal both physically and spiritually.  – Read more here

Where did fasting originate from?

The early and great philosophers, thinkers and healers believed in fasting as a healing therapy. Hippocrates, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Galen all praised the benefits of fasting. Today every major religious group practices fasting for their various spiritual relief.  Christianity, Judaism, Gnosticism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, South and North American Indian traditions – all utilized fasting one way or another. Yogic practices including that of fasting date back thousands of years.  Fasting is the most effective, simplest, safest, least expensive and oldest healing technique known to man.

8 Ways your body can benefit from intermittent fasting

1. Weight loss

There’s no doubt that if you restrict your diet, there will be fewer calories converted into fat.  When you stop feeding yourself, your body then taps into your reserve. According to a 2014 review of scientific literature, studies have shown that people who have fasted lost 4-7% of their waist circumference. This fat loss indicates they have lost lots of belly fat, the harmful fat in the abdominal cavity that causes disease. It also helps to boost your metabolism, Short-term fasting can actually increase your metabolic rate between 3.6-14% which will be helping you burn off even more calories.

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2. Rejuvenates skin

Acne suffers who have done their research all know that your face shows a direct correlation of what you put in your stomach. I can say for myself that if I eat 3-5 donuts before I sleep, I will undoubtedly wake up with whiteheads.  By limiting your diet and controlling your dairy intake, you will be able to benefit in magical ways. If you are wondering which foods are causing your inflammatory conditions or acne then the best way is to introduce different foods and see which impact your face the next morning and this is a great way to pinpoint the foods you are most sensitive to.

Did you know milk contains millions of pus cells – read here for more information about this topic.

3. Reduces oxidative stress

Oxidative stress (its antioxidative defenses) may lead to chronic diseases and cancers.  The weight reduction product of intermittent fasting can lead to a reduction in the body’s level of oxidative stress, helping prevent the development of these unpleasant conditions.  It is all about getting a perfect balance and being able to meditate may help slow aging by decreasing oxidative stress – cellular damage caused by highly reactive molecules known as free radicals.  Several studies have linked meditation to reductions in various measures of oxidative stress.

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4. Provokes autophagy

Autophagy is the process in which our body reacts to dysfunctional or dying cells such as unused proteins to detoxify and repair certain areas within a damaged cell. Nutrient deprivation is the key trigger for autophagy and after this process has taken place then there is a hormone which produces all the essential cells for re-growth which I will explain in point 8.

5. Improved tolerance for glucose 

This is a perfect way for diabetics to neutralize their glucose levels and also variability.  When fasting your insulin resistance reduces and your body has a massive reduction is blood sugar levels. In human studies on intermittent fasting, fasting blood sugar has been reduced by 3-6%, while fasting insulin has been reduced by 20-31%.

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6. Stimulates brain function

study discussed at a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in 2015 revealed that intermittent fasting offers “enormous implications for brain health.” According to the study, fasting stimulates the brain in many ways: promotes the growth of neurons, aids in recovery following a stroke or other brain injury and enhances memory performance. Not only does intermittent fasting help decrease a practitioner’s risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. There is also evidence to show it may actually even improve both cognitive function and quality of life for people living with those conditions – Reference. 

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7. Promotes longevity

Studies from scientists at the University of Chicago have revealed that intermittent fasting can “delay the development of disorders that lead to death.”  There’s evidence that people who fast regularly can enjoy a longer, healthier life rather than people who eat a regular three meals a day or those who follow a traditional restricted-calorie diet.

Head of the National Institute on Aging’s neuroscience laboratory, Mark Mattson,  says the mild stress that intermittent fasting puts on the body provides your biological awareness levels to increase. This increases the body’s powerful cellular defenses against potential molecular damage. Intermittent fasting also stimulates the body to maintain and repair tissues. It’s anti-aging benefits, keep every organ and cell functioning effectively but also efficiently.

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8. Increase in HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

In 1982, Kerndt et al published a study of a single patient who decided to undergo a 40-day fast for religious purposes. The results showed an increase in HGH by 300% after 5 days and 1,250% after 40 days.  This hormone plays a vital role in the development of muscle, healing, bone development, preventing cardiovascular disease and much more.

HGH is made in the pituitary gland which is a coincidence as this holds a lot of spiritual significance. HGH is the food of health and spirituality. To learn more about pituitary gland/third eye and how you can become awakened, please click here.

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