“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”
― Oprah Winfrey

As a  new year introduces itself and its time to cast upon what’s here and what we want to be here. Time after time, I wonder if we do stop and take our time to see our life simplicities. : Simplicities we n take for granted.  The delights we seek are nothing than what we already have, but do we see this? In order for us to appreciate, we need not permit bad to point out what we aren’t paying value to. As A fellow human being, I would like to round up a few examples of supplies that garnish our realities. Here are a few forgotten thank you’s…

Eyes closing

Firstly, think about where you sleep. This is of high importance. Every night (Unless you’re on a bender) we return, most of us to the same bed every night. The body has its own place of rest. Where our body lays to sleep, the fine comfort we are surrounded in and our small place of hibernation, I would like to think that pillow you lay you head has wiped few tears and witnessed your laughs. A round the world, I bet plenty will not have that luxury. Now, this royal pad you return to every night is much appreciated.

Eyes opening

As the sun rises, so we do. Whilst we are sleeping we are unconsciously still awake. Our spirits goes to explore the wonders of the land of dream. Neale Donald Walsh teaches that sleep is for the soul to have its play, whilst the body rests. I am amazed by this concept, but startled too. What if it enjoys its wonderland and refuses to return? So with a thought like this, for the sake of your eyes opening, a new day above ground deserves a thanks.

River Deep, Mountain high.

From the sky above, to the ground we stand upon. So know God is to be all and end all to everything. God is within everything wherever to respond to our call. As Rob Bell states “God who is with us, for us, and ahead of us” so for all our surroundings of our earthly wonderland, in whatever place we are we should hail thank you. Marianne Williamson speaks of the sky always being blue, but sometimes there are grey clouds. It’s not that the sky turns grey; the darker clouds loom in front.

Forwarding your woes…

Anxiety is buzzing bee that distracts me from the summer of life. I know it’s around and will have a job to do, I won’t let it no longer sting. A little technique, which has coached me to settle my woes is that of As a person who thinks of the worse first, I have learnt as soon as I am vigilant that my auto piloted thought process is kicking off – I stop myself and look for something around, even if it’s the chair I’m sitting on and gladly bless it.

Any sort of waterworks…

Whether you cry tears of hurt or glee, there is a spiritual awakening. You soul will greet itself back into the world to remind you of your being.  Tears do really perk up the eyes. All do look re-established after a good cry. Hope that mascaras waterproof!

Homely comforts.

The clothes you bask away in the un-matching pyjamas the hairstyle you rock, your wannabe Whitney voice you launch to your favourite album. Ring a bell? Thank…

What you exhale… and inhale.

We can’t see it but we feel it. Filling up our lungs and fuelling of tanks of skin and organs to help us journey our human experience. The air we breathe is the connectivity to being whole. When Eckhart Tolle addresses Stillness, he mentions that fact that we have something in common with all around. For example: a tree: solid and in its prime. It requires no effort to grow but naturally rotates through its cycle. The autumn leaves fall and spring retrieves its newness yet it just stands proud. As our comrade, it slaps our hands with that same zing and transmits that unto us. In the midst of your intakes: Hallelujah anyhow.

“Stay at peace with your body. While it’s healthy, never think of it as a problem or a failure. Pat your legs occasionally and thank them for being able to run” Caitlin Moran.


A wondrous gift is being able to voice each segment of the mind and soul. Whether you keep a journal, you get a chance to immerse in a succinct conversation or are given a dock, Do praise! Freedoms of speech in some places are forbidden. Some people may not like it. At any rate, continue. .. The free rein of being able to do is enough. In Elizabeth Gilberts Book: Big Magic, I delight in its schoolings that creativity is a must and our rights as souls.

Closing thoughts: Even if you aren’t getting paid to do it, it’s scaffolding for us to uncoil. Honour the platform on social media if you will.

Thank you: two words. A zillion, meritable, premonitions.

I filled up just writing that.

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