It’s critical the impact we have on how we think or feel about ourselves. Our self esteems entails us access to our soul, where we need to be in sync at all times. Without this, we could no longer be able to fulfil our true life purpose .Self esteem is our emotional self assessment of what we think of us as subjects.

Many so we aim to feel sexy or beautiful.  I’ve come to know that these states are stages that tend to wear off eventually. A feeling we should all aim for is something which works for me. It’s the feeling of lightness. Around us, are examples of how we should aim to look and feel in order to better our life? We are shoved with information about how the outside should look. But as times moves on, there is more exposure in making us feel better reversing that notion. We need to work from inside out. Not outside in.

Lightness covers all aspects of the health spectrum. Emotional, mental and physical subtlety will let us get rid of excess thoughts, feelings and weight which hold us back from being lifted. The degree of that feeling requires great practice. Slowly when assess all things that hold us back from our glow and make decisions as to what we need to hold onto in order for us to live more contently.

We are allowed to elevate ourselves highly without searching from the outside to do that for us.  Without fearing that perhaps doing this may take us into delusional states and up hand the ego.  In spite of this we would not be doing so. The ego relies on a false perception to create an enlarged illusion that will make us feel inferior towards others.  We would be looking at ourselves realistically looking at what we actually like about ours truly – putting into perspective how we look, think  and feel in all areas of our being. Lightness procreates peace.


God in my view cannot be loved and praised without us giving that to ourselves first. As we all our extensions of the higher power, through us, when we give love to ourselves we give love to God.  We cannot accept that we are made wholly. That’s a crying shame.


Compliments are not just for others to dish out, although should be appreciated. You should never be afraid that it would be far too egotistical to in urban terms ‘big yourself up’. Say, you thought you had a facial feature body part that you felt was admirable, there is nothing wrong with yourself praising them. Why wait for anyone to tell you first?

From others may help you recognize something that you hadn’t even recalled. Even a small compliment like the way you laugh or smile, or even cry as it may be. You may not see yourself in those moments as another can. You might hate it. But in contrast it could be pictured uniquely.


Pronounced affirmations are what we should work on. You should get use to saying these aloud in orders to not just the mind to hear but the body itself. The body responds to your own voice. It is programmed to function that way. Although, it’s already doing this, you needn’t tell the hand to move in order to pick something up, it proceeds anyway, but hearing the sound of your own voice can help you embrace the sound of how you speak too.

A no- no for the ego

Like I said before, we may feel that by doing this we may feed the ego. But I would like to pick up on the fact that, we would not be boasting or expected to be exalted by others. Instead, the compliments we would be giving and receiving would be accepting with grace. Being thankful for when someone compliments you, you shouldn’t take that for granted. Know that it is coming from a loving place would help you welcome it. Accept it like you would a kiss on the cheek from a friend.

Do onto others…

Taking compliments isn’t just the delight of it. Giving them will also add the feel good factor. This will help you seek for the exquisiteness in another. It will help focus on that. When you train you mind to do this, you would be fulfilling the lightness aspect of your mental makeup.

Imagine how much the dynamism that put deposited into demeaning yourself. That same energy could be transformed if we decided to change our opinions of what we thought of ourselves. You might not like a certain part of you. But why let it hold you down? When in a flash you’re taking away all the attention, which you could be placing on a part of you that is indeed enticing!

“And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back
so shake him off” Florence and the Machine.

Striving for lightness before trying to feel anything else for me is the key to great self esteem. Set a target for feeling this and any other master sentiment will follow along. Compliments are just the dawn of it all. Stay tuned for part two.


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