Balance: A temporary state. Part one.

Look at a glass of half filled water and the question that always asked is what do you see a glassed half full or a glass half empty? One will reply one or the other. But whichever way you’re viewing it, it’s in the middle. This middle is balance at its temporary state.

The conversation had started about life and it’s up and downs. I had spoken to a colleague and we have discussed the term balance. I said some peoples balance is at 75/75 my colleagues replied and disagreed that balance meant 50/50.

Not everyone’s, I thought, not everyone’s.

This is the equation to life’s equity. I believe now we all have a meaning to what the word means to us, how we find it in our lives. Life has never gone at a pace. Neither has it ever flowed on steady ground

A river has never remained without ripples. Its original state is to stay still. Even yet it has its challenge. , it may like never being irritated. What I think is balance is the same equivalent of a high, is the equal amount when it comes to a low. There are either very high, highs or very low lows. When you get one or the other, you miss know, in their same level of frequency the opposite will arrive, not to say when you are enjoying life, you will get thrown a tragedy, just that you never know the surprises it could throw at you, you can never play life safe. You must learn to walk on water as well a fire till you find sound ground.

“Balance, when we do find it, is a breathtakingly temporary condition. We stand upon a world that spins at 2000 miles an hour. Our minds, meanwhile, spin at 200,000 miles an hour. We collide every day with other humans who are also sliding and spinning wildly. The landscape of our lives, therefore, changes by the minute. You find your balance one day and think, “Hooray! I have solved it” and then five minutes later the world utterly transforms again, and you’re knocked on your ass one more time.” Elizabeth Gilbert.

The Soul and its glory.

Just like Miss Gilbert, I don’t think balance can be achieved consistently. The soul is never in balance. It can’t be. Taming it to be balanced would be cruel. Trying to get in to stay at a hush wouldn’t be fair. This is because its stardust is always at a glow. Relying on us to laugh, and feel joyous in order to bring it into essence. It’s just as important to laugh your laugh and cry your cry.  The in between never last long. It’s more important you find a stable place, but importantly realise that this will not last forever. Keeping balance isn’t realistic. A good aim, but half baked. Our growth would never complete without a few push and pulls from either side.

Some of us are 50/50, others 75/75 and so on. It depends how willing you are to go to delve into the goodness and the rawness of life. We all are at different sides of the scale.  On one side you could fall but there other side is lifted. . Some people will play it safely. Holding back just because it means keeping a stand. Losing that notion of getting everything correct is reality of it.

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