Yes and No are two very little, less than five letter words. And what a might they have! They are pleasing enough conclusions to answer a decision.

I recommend taking these words in your stride. When making a decision in life, sometimes we feel the need to do so, then, overly defend, or explain ourselves when those aren’t needed. We go out of our way to really try to mean it. We do this more with the no rather than that yes.

Saying no is never a big deal that it’s made out to be. You will often find that when you say yes, for example: you agree to go on a blind date, you nod to attend a outing or you say yes to try a different option on the menu, no one would ask why , they’d be happy and persevere  with what you’ve said-gladly.

The word No, on the other hand, would lead to interrogation. Suddenly, it will be pinched upon why you choose to make the decision. Usually it would be poked at by the questioner because you seemingly had offended them with your no. You jabbed them without you realising but them having felt it.

These are the full stop sentences that shouldn’t be questioned or swayed.

On probation with your no, you may start feeling slightly uncomfortable and to even get to this decision you debated it over and over, you don’t even owe yourself reason. You just don’t want to do it. You don’t feel it; it won’t make you happy so, there.

One question you must always put forward here is: to who do you’re owe reasoning?

To keep your sanity you must know that it is ok to no want to go ahead with anything doesn’t do well for your being. Think about how natural it is for you to agree to do something. Immediately you’ve felt an inclination that it felt favourable. Same way, no one dared disagree.

The maybe on the other hand helps us sway both ways. Sitting on the fence keeps us stuck. It buys you time and it keeps them guessing. However, you must come to a concrete conclusion, you must know whatever your choice you do right by what’s good for you.

Food for thought…

In her book what I know for sure Oprah Winfrey explains that she once was asked to give to a particular charity, by a well known celebrity. She explained she previously had been prey to consistently giving. She felt because she was of good wealth that she always felt she should. In comparison with this charity she felt her heart wasn’t in it and as a result, decided to say No to give.  She said her and the well known star had fallen out. But a lesson learned, you’re allowed to put your foot down. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO NO JUST AS WELL AS A YES.

Picture next time: Fruitful sensations like Ms Winfrey not because she couldn’t, but because she never wanted to-not in spite, Just because her heart wasn’t in it. If yours isn’t in that moment, you’ve got your answer, so darling soul, be complacent with it.




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