So often when we talk about ‘body positivity’ we only associate the phrase with women and their weight. The idea is that a woman should be happy with whatever size she is and embrace body positivity with weight alone.  However, I wanted to show that anyone can be positive in all elements of their body, and I have created a list of Instagram accounts you should follow to inspire your journey to self love.

Saggy Sara

Sara regularly posts Instagram’s and Boomerang’s that demonstrate the difference posing can make to how you appear in a picture. Her pure honesty is admirable is a constant reminder of the construction of images in Instagram.

“Don’t feel like you’re not doing enough or that you should get rid of it if you have fat or tummy rolls when you sit down because it’s completely normal! You have an amazing body that you should be so proud of!! So go out there and next time you feel ashamed or vulnerable about your body, don’t, because you are beautiful no matter what!”


Matt experienced a significant amount of weight loss and was left with a large amount of excess skin. He documents his experience of losing the weight and having surgery to remove the skin and reminds people not to shame their former selves.

Take pride in your transformations, and do so without shaming the people you’ve been. We are all a process, and change is the very essence of the human experience.
You are beautiful in every form, and all that changes is how much you truly believe it.

Keah Maria

Keah has cerbal palsay and became an inspiration after tweeting out selfies with the hashtag #disabledandcute. She is changing perspectives on what it is like to live with a disability and empowering those who do. She has produced a line of shirts you can buy to help support #disabledandcute which you can find here.

“Disabled people are presumed to be unattractive and unlovable in a romantic way, in my opinion, the hashtag proves that to be false. The celebrations should show able-bodied people that we aren’t the caricatures they see in movies and TV shows. We are much more.”


Not only is Stevie promoting body positivity for men but he combats stereotypes about living with a non-visible disability. He is also openly gay and uses his Instagram and YouTube channel to support LGBTQ+ rights. Despite all this he remains relatable and genuine in everything he does.

I want people to see my body and know this is what real bodies look like. That bellys do bulge, excess skin doesn’t just go & that the majority of us do have stretch marks
And that’s ok. It’s ok to love the things you’ve been taught to hate. To embrace them. To show the world every body is different and one body isn’t more beautiful than the next. Every body is beautiful!


Megan posts all things body positive, both to do with mental and physical wellbeing. She suffered with anorexia in the past and is now in a place where she celebrates her folds, dimples and stretch marks. She also regularly shoutouts other body positive accounts so is well worth a follow.

“How you feel about your body is NOT your fault, you don’t need to blame yourself and you DEFINITELY don’t need to accept that hating your body is just ‘how it is’. F*ck that. Speak up, lift up the people around you who are struggling, and if you only do one thing today, recognise that you deserve better. Because holy sh*t you are enough exactly as you are, even when you don’t see it


Michelle has gone through 15 surgeries for a brain cyst, punctured intestine, obstructed bowl, hydrocephalus and as a result has scars across her whole body. She runs a body positive instagram and youtube channel  to create a conversation about embracing scars and remind followers how grateful they should be to live in an abled body.

When’s the last time you wrote a love letter to a body part?
Start with your favourite and work through all the rest of your faves.
Or start with your least favourite and force yourself to find the gratitude and the good things.
It’s ok for a woman to think she’s beautiful.
It’s ok for a woman to think she’s pretty
And it’s ok for a woman to say that out loud


Shay is a transgender plus size model and posts Instagram’s regularly embracing her size, sexuality and gender and stands up for transgender rights. She also is not afraid to share conversations she has with men online who shame her for being transgender.
 I create my own happiness, no one else. I keep it in mind when I’m feeling insecure or down. I remind myself how much love and joy I bring to the world, and I let go. Don’t let anyone or anything define you; but yourself. Just live, share your experience, and watch how many people you influence without knowing you did to begin with.
These accounts are all worth some attention so make sure to give them a follow and share them with your friends.


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