Break up the wear makeup rule in your day to day lives.

“When you’re putting on your makeup it’s like you’re an artist but instead of painting a canvas you’re painting your face.” Tess. Burlesque

I love make up. I take pleasure in getting ready for an occasion. I feel like I am playing a new character of my spectrum. I am movie star me.

But here’s the thing:

I was involved in a discussion on a friend’s and a discussion about wearing make up to work had risen. We were right into the conversation then I was curious so I asked:

“How do you put it politely to tell someone to wear makeup because you cannot say to someone…you need to put some on you don’t look good …”

So a lovely lady just said she had heard a previous manager gather her group together and say:

“And girls, you need to add a little colour to your faces”.

I was stunned.

If my manager would ever turn around and say that to me I would’ve screamed from the top of my lungs…


I am of a pale olive complexion. When it gets hot, I turn slightly golden, the winter I am nude, due to my acne scarring I have patchy pink marks & a touch of light brown too… When my eyebrows are tidied they add a brush stroke of dark brown above my eyes-My face is a palette of colour.

When it comes to my image, I do become really defensive. As a young girl I hadn’t become obsessed with my image until I started feeling collective drops of heavy sadness in the mid teen years.  I was more interested in hair style and being the free spirit I was.  Following into my secondary school years, I knew girls who would paste their faces in it, never correctly getting the colours.  They just did it to make themselves’ prettier’.

Make up to me is about enhancing your features. I feel like it is misused by women the same way teenage girls mistreat it. They use it to cover and hide what they already are.

I often hear

“Oh I cannot go out the house without makeup”


“I am so ugly without it”

I know there’s a time and place for makeup, but for our daily lives, I don’t think it’s the place.

I know no one is repulsive without it.

I am not one to tell girls how to look, but the pressure of having to wear it is beyond me. It’s quite shallow. You should be able to walk out your front door make up free and still feel superb.

Whilst I was treating my acne, one of ways I would prep myself mentally was just to believe that it wasn’t there. Boy, did people point it out to me. I can’t say I didn’t care. I am moved by the way I was as a young teen because I knew one of the reasons why I didn’t care so much about how I looked was because I was FEELING so light. This made me FEEL pretty. I never focused on what made me feel that way because attention was just on everything but my looks.

I can’t understand why anyone has right to turn around and say to you that you need to apply certain face paint to make yourself appear somewhat pleasant. My mother didn’t introduce us to it either. She just told me that she just never liked it. Each to their own but here is my piece of advice for anyone who feels they need to…

The real make up within is what you need to concentrate on. I feel your daily life you should be figuring out some kind of peace. With peace comes power. You need to silence the mind need to tell you are ugly without it. Let it be on hold for your glamorous side. Keep yourself fresh faced. Natural is the best make up.  I dare you.  Go anywhere as authentic as you are. Do this!

 Painter Van Gogh famously quoted “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

 Quiet the build a Barbie demons in your everyday life and Varnish yourselves simply.


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