Why Built By Girls?

Infinity House Retreat is a successful business built by co-founders Corrina McCann and Rosemary Reed.

We believe that women are able to achieve the very best. This blog series ‘Built By Girls’ is about praising hard working women in business. Whenever we see other women working hard to build their business, we like to shout it from the rooftops.

This week we are paying tribute to business development genius Melissa Broadway.

Melissa is the founder and ‘Chief Accelerator’ at We Are Accelerators, as well as working in business development for The Bright Agency Group.

Passionate about helping young people become entrepreneurs Melissa showcases the best and the brightest thought leaders, experts and influencers in the business.

We believe in our clients. We love this industry. We want to work ourselves silly to make sure we do the best job.

To us, there’s no greater thrill than helping people, brands, and companies reach larger audiences.

Melissa Broadway

For more information on Melissa visit her websites:




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