Like most I have read about in the media, I salute Bruce Jenner’s gender transition.

Bruce Jenner in his interview on E! Said that he didn’t “want to die and not experience her”. He also added in another article in the mail online that:“Maybe this is my greatest calling in my life,’ she says.’ Be honest with myself, be honest with my family – maybe end up helping other people.’

The Kardashian Klan is a highly publicized family. I feel the world is obsessed by their glamour and especially the undeniable good looks of Kim. The family are very much supportive of his choice and it’s a winning notion that this was sprung on them. As I feel it challenges them and us in how we have moved with time in order to accept characters and issues. Plus, how we choose to look beyond labels my mother thinks he embarrassed the family as their reputation is all about how they look.

I heard people say “How can he say he is meant to be a girl, he’s born a man and God makes no mistakes”.

I say exactly that. God makes no mistakes, but he does make transgender … and that’s up to us how we choose to express our souls- with that freedom in the shell we are given. I think beyond the whole Kanye West had said in one article that him having the most beautiful wife and daughter in the world would have meant nothing if he could not have been himself. To round up I think Caitlyn has made us rise and shine stepping out into our image obsessed media frenzy we live in and from the family he has.

Courage is a word that springs to mind.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Spiritually he has done the best thing. I believe in the soul being a colourless, adapting light able to transcend into anything it wishes to be. Adding volume to whatever instrument it wants to surpass. So in this one human experience, why can’t you play the role of man and woman at the same time? Sasha Fierce, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and Marshall Bruce Mathers all have stage names. -Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Eminem.  Just because they perform on stage for a living this doesn’t mean we don’t all own our own podiums! Spiritual teacher Marianne William says every life is a platform. We need not wait for the worlds colossal stage for us to wait to shine in our own lives, the light we need is the light of the Holy Spirit.

Allowing that spirit to guide us is a tricky path. You battle with the psychological mind and the spiritual one. Society and its beliefs cause us to re think ourselves. Religion can cause us to restrict ourselves.

Spirituality to me is ‘Our individual path to God, our independent song which gives us the chance to dance to our own beat, as we are that extension of the octopus with God being the main head and the million legs which we are expansion of. We are limitless to who we designate ourselves to be. Miss Caitlyn Jenner is symbolization of that.

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