Why Pilates Is Great For You

1. Improve Posture Daily activities can take a toll on your posture. Pilates helps to significantly improve the awareness of the whole body, by reminding you to constantly pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders down for good posture and spinal alignment. Your body awareness will continue even beyond the class session due to the level of attention and focus you need to keep during class, therefore the bad habits regarding your posture will slowly disappear with every session. 2. Improves Flexibility Joseph Pilates, the inventor of this fitness system said, ‘true flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.’ Compared to yoga, with Pilates the muscles are warm as you stretch due to the movement focus, rather than the static, unmoving stretches yoga utilizes. Another benefit of improved flexibility and constant movement is a better blood circulation as the body isn’t stuck in one position…

The Benefits of Essential Oils

We can notice the importance of our olfactory sense every day. The smell that reminds us of a childhood memory, the perfume of a loved one, the smell of coffee in the morning. All of these can trigger a certain emotion or memory and it makes us feel a certain way, either happy, relaxed, or even melancholic. Over time, people who studied the olfactory sense came to the conclusion that by using certain aromatherapy scents we can improve our lives significantly. A chemical reaction is caused by the tiny molecules which enter our bodies through our nose or skin and stimulate the part of our brain which is connected to memory or mood. Depending on what emotions you want to trigger or contain, there is a wide variety of scents that you can use to your advantage. 1.  Lavender One of the most well-studied essential oils in terms of its…

The Most Dangerous Of Food Trends

Throughout the year so far, there has been a countless amount of food trends sweeping the country and congesting  our Instagram feeds: the hugely popular acai bowls – however you pronounce them, courgetti the answer for those looking for a lighter dinner, and beetroot burgers, inspired by our neighbours from across the pond are just a few of the most desired dishes of 2017. However, it seems amongst the brightly coloured photos and hashtags galore, a new ‘trend’ has grown in popularity. Food guilt. In the most common form, felt by those desperately seeking to stay on the straight and narrow path towards a health goal when they indulge in a perhaps not so nutritional treat. Though arguably now, an unconventional side of that trend has gained momentum – food guilt that is triggered by the judgement given out to those also who may also want to opt for an alternative, perhaps…

How we formalize who we are, by how we look, especially in terms of body image.

Personality and body image are two separate containers.  Above board, the in’s and the outs of our identities should not be stereotyped. We can’t be one form of identity without connecting a characteristic trait to match it. We, as citizens of our modern world, must be trained to not be so narrow minded in how we formalize who we are, by how we look, especially in terms of body image. Our personality can be linked with our body image and vice versa. What’s more, seems to be the final signature. Body image is terribly obsessed about in media, everyday banter and our daily meetings with our bedroom and bathroom mirrors. Outer shells are unquestionably our focus point and for most, the fundamental part of self esteem. Even though, I know this impacts how we feel of ourselves, it should never be our ultimate definition. In an article in Hollywood life,…

The Value of Jewellery

The value society places on jewellery is an interesting one. There is, quite literally, the monetary value we place on jewellery. Then there is the sentimental and emotional value. Proceeding value, however, is the fashion of jewellery and the impact it has on how people view the wearer. As an example, diamonds, once upon a time, connoted wealth and grace. Nowadays, they are more likely to be connected with over-the-top gaudiness and vulgarity.

10 Popular Walking Destinations

Whether it’s for fitness reasons or for clearing your mind, there is no denying the transformative powers a walking holiday can give you. It offers you the chance to escape everyday worries and forget daily stresses temporarily, allowing you the time to recover from the hectic modern lifestyles we have built for ourselves.

6 Trendy London Cafes

Coffee is great. Coffee is amazing. Coffee is life.

I may be a slight fan of coffee. It is one of my only sins and I indulge myself mercilessly with the dark, silky smooth beverage. Living in London, my addiction to coffee has only grown, alongside my exposure to countless incredible, gorgeous cafes. Check out the list below for some amazing cafes to sample.

10 Popular Wellness Destinations

Autumn is coming. The leaves are turning and soon will be falling. It’s official. However, to avoid those post-summer blues, check out the selection below of the most popular wellness travel destinations. Take a look and be inspired to take the trip of a lifetime, to see stunning scenery including crystal blue oceans, lush green mountains, and ancient cities.

What Kind Of Tea Should You Be Brewing?

Pinnacle to English traditions, tea in all forms is part of many peoples daily routine. Whether drank with a friend whilst gorging on a rich tea or sipped away during the dreaded morning commute, tea, only rivaled by its famed nemesis Coffee, is arguably the front runner when it comes to hot beverages in the UK. However, more recently the humble mug of English Tea has arguably sat in the shadows of the industries newest trend: Herbal Tea. Thanks to many praising the alternative brews for their varied health benefits, the tea market has exploded with brands offering a magnitude of choice for your morning cuppa.