Why You Should Swim In The Ocean

There are plenty of health benefits to swimming, but even more to swimming in the ocean. It can enhance your mood, lifting depression and any feelings of stress. It can also enhance your body, honing it into a lean and athletic shape. Check out the reasons outlined below for why you should hit the beach as often as possible.

Now Brows


Once a month I go and have my eyebrows tamed by very talented women who know how a master a piece of thread between their fingers, to design a frame for the eyes. I put in trust of these women while I decide to close my eyes and leave it in their hands, in hope that when I wake, I will be transformed.   And for sure, what a difference it makes. Cheaper than a facelift the technique of eyebrow threading can cause you to appear, lighter faced and much more youthful. That’s if they get it right. However, not this time round.

Vitamin C: The Skincare Revolution

It seems there are more skin care products than ever promising to turn back the clock and grant flawless, youthful skin. The overly saturated market has companies battling to obtain consumers with a constant flow of new products, technological advances and often long lists of confusing ingredients. Though, It seems the markets new trend is here to stay for the time being.  With many brands now scientifically proving the advantages of Vitamin C based products, why is it now the vital ingredient to achieving that elusive glow? At a time where pre mature aging is a concern for many of us before we even hit 30, the prospect of both age prevention and pigment correction appears to be enticing even to the most skeptical of us to invest in an array of products that champion the anti-oxidant and pro-collagen properties of Vitamin C. As like all skin care labels,  the umbrella…

A secret to self esteem

It’s critical the impact we have on how we think or feel about ourselves. Our self esteems entails us access to our soul, where we need to be in sync at all times. Without this, we could no longer be able to fulfil our true life purpose .Self esteem is our emotional self assessment of what we think of us as subjects. Many so we aim to feel sexy or beautiful.  I’ve come to know that these states are stages that tend to wear off eventually. A feeling we should all aim for is something which works for me. It’s the feeling of lightness. Around us, are examples of how we should aim to look and feel in order to better our life? We are shoved with information about how the outside should look. But as times moves on, there is more exposure in making us feel better reversing that…

Superfoods to get your healthy eating going

1. Kale Packed with vitamin and minerals – WebMD Low in calories High fiber High in Vitamin A, good for vision High in vitamin K, good for the blood High in Calcium, good for sustaining a good metabolism High in iron, good for carrying around oxygen to different areas of the body Good if you are looking to detox your body Studies have shown that it provides a lower risk in various cancers Possible recipe: Kale Pesto   2. Blueberries Low in calories and high in nutrients – Alison Hornby, a dietitian and British Dietetic Association (BDA) spokesperson Strengthen blood vessels Help with better vision Vitamin K1 (reduce blood clot) Vitamin C (skin and immunity) One of the highest antioxidants (key disease-fighting compounds) Possible recipe: Blueberry Muffin 3. Avocados   Promote cardiovascular health and better blood flow for better performance – Expert from Biotrust Nutrition Great for vision, have antioxidant for less damage, such as…

Body Positive Instagram Accounts

So often when we talk about ‘body positivity’ we only associate the phrase with women and their weight. The idea is that a woman should be happy with whatever size she is and embrace body positivity with weight alone.  However, I wanted to show that anyone can be positive in all elements of their body, and I have created a list of Instagram accounts you should follow to inspire your journey to self love.