Health has been on the cards a while now. I’ve never been a fan of the obsession with the weight cultured society which the media shoves in our faces every day. I have been faced with many episodes of depression throughout my life. I had been researching about the things I should do to improve my lifestyle especially my energy levels.

I recently bought myself a chakra pendant from Camden town.  I looked deeply into my chakras and I have come to realise something. We are always told to eat healthy, fresh food and drink. Nothing artificial and avoid E numbers. Whilst observing my chakras, I take note of all brightness of colour.  Then I pay attention to the fruits on my dining table. I study their tones and freshness.

 Neale Donald Walsh, in the book Conversations with God 3, discussed that “Raising energy means to keep all chakras working together. As we raise energies upward through our chakras” The soul is not inside the body but spread throughout.

My understandings on the chakras are as follows:

The Root – Red.: This is the basis of the chakra family, located from the feet to the bottom of the spine. This represents the phase ‘keeping your feet on the ground’. 

The Sacral -Orange: This is what I call the ‘sexuality’ chakra. It’s the one based around the lower abdomen.

The solar Plexus – Yellow:  Is based around the stomach area. Mainly concentrates on self esteem.

Heart – green: here is the chakra that is based on our ability to love. This is centred above and on the heart area.

Throat- Blue. Issues our ability to express ourselves and is located around the throat area.

Brow, Third eye- Indigo: This symbolizes wisdom. Our ability to gain insight .It’s based in the middle of the eyebrows.

Crown, Violet- the crown chakra: The connection to the divine-the higher self, God.  It’s located above the head.

So, linking up fruits and chakras, I’ve come to an evaluation that eating healthy is not only good for the body, but the soul.  See what happens is, the more you energize the body you free the soul. Because once the soul feels it has been shaken up it sinks into the body. This causes us to feel emotionally heavy. When we are overweight, we start to feel bulky and depressed.  The more we feed our body the good stuff- the fruits, vegetables and proteins. We send vibrancies throughout the body giving it the zap it needs to enliven.

An example of this would be brain food such as bananas, help stimulate our minds exciting the serotonin in the body causing us to feel vibrate- this connects to our spiritual vibes causing us to feel more upbeat and positive.

On the contrary, drinks can also do the same; Water on the other hand is colourless. I believe once the soul leaves the body after the human experience, it leaves purified. Added water to our body to only because the body is made up a huge percentage of water but because it allows the body to get a taste of how the soul feels. It helps gets rid of excess clear up whatever of the body isn’t needed.

 Life coach Anthony Robbins in his book: Unleash the power within, asks us to identify our reason for losing weight. I flicked through the reasons that were listed. One of them was because you wanted to feel light, and it sparked thought. As a young girl, being so carefree made me wonder if that was because I was a few stone lighter?  Through speaking to others about losing weight, vie observed that to others it’s about image and identity. But to me, it was about feeling. I felt that I was carrying an oversupply of bodyweight which generated me to feeling big.

Lastly, I have realized how much this all participates in our being. Not only is healthy eating good for the body- but the mind and spirits. To a large degree, it’s been made clear to me that when we eat and drink the real brightly coloured food. We become brightly coloured souls.


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