There’s a reason we are a nation that loves our pooches.

They get you outside

Pets allow you to get outside an experience the fresh air, dogs can get you walking and cats will love exploring your garden. This gives you an opportunity to get some vitamin D and also gives you a chance to connect with nature to see the trees swaying in the wind or the flowers beginning to bloom

Petting reduces stress

Petting not only calms down your cat or dog, it has also been shown to reduce blood pressure in us when we do so. It also gives you a tangible object to focus on and distract yourself from stressful situations or negative thoughts.

They keep you company

If you are home alone often it can be nice to have a furry companion, they will often seek you out when you are lonely. They  give you someone to talk to, and they can’t talk back so make great listeners.

They’re entertaining

I spend most of my time watching my cat, examining how she spends her day, watching her sniff out new places, catching her eating snacks that aren’t hers and playing with her. I’ve had her for 17 years and it’s still just as amusing as when she was a kitten. They will always find new ways to surprise you.

They love you unconditionally

As long as you care for your pet properly and feed it well then they will love you forever. There is never any judgement or bad thoughts, they just have pure innocent love for the human who loves them too and this can be a massive mood booster.

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