Long days sat in the office can often feel like a step back in your wellbeing practice. But there are ways you can begin to improve your lifestyle while at work and I have composed a list of techniques that might help towards this.

  1. Walk/cycle to work a few times a week.

I know this can seem like a chore, especially when you relish those extra minutes in bed. But a little bit of exercise can help improve your day and gives you a chance to clear your head before the work begins. If walking or cycling are out of the question without waking up at 4am for a 5mile hike, you can still get a little bit of extra exercise in the morning. For example perhaps park a little further away or get off the bus a stop early, just so you can have a chance to stretch your legs before a long day sitting.

2. Snack healthily

I get it, the desire to grab a packet of crisps or chocolate bar from the vending machine is overwhelming sometimes. It is especially tempting when your mind has gone numb from staring at a computer screen for hours. But a healthier choice will help you in the long run. Dawn Jackson, a dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, recommends that you “Take a break, get a breath of fresh air, and skip the candy. Or, if you are hungry, have fruit at your desk, like cherries or grapes.” This will be sure to wake you up more and you’ll be far more able to power through the rest of the day.

3. Drink plenty of water

 Quite often that dip in the middle of the day is caused by dehydration and, although it might seem patronising, the best way to combat this is to drink more water. I recommend bringing in a bottle of water of work to keep on your desk, that way you don’t have to keep remembering to go to the water fountain when your head is deep in work. It then gives you a chance to have a little stretch when you do have a break to fill it up again. You can even liven up your water by getting fruit infuser bottles or even ones with times on them reminding you to drink and fill up your bottle.

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4. Bring in lunch.

Again, the idea of bringing in lunch may make you flashback to being at school, unpacking your lunchbox to find a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple. But it can actually help both your life at work and at home. Bringing in lunch gives you a limit to what you can have as you are restricted to what is in your bag. It can also shake up your meal plan at home, as you may find you can cook a variety of meals that can be packaged away and eaten through the week at work. This saves you time and money so it’s a win win really, especially when you find you have a couple of extra quid to buy another after work drink.

5. Combat stress.

Learning how much work to take on can be difficult and, ultimately, those long days and nights add up and can do more harm than good. Suzy Greaves is a life coach who gives advice on stress in the workplace, she teaches people to believe that they do have a choice in the work they take on. Suzy says to ‘have confidence in your ‘no’ when you think it’s the right decision, even though it may not be the most popular one, in the long term, your ability to say no will be one of your most valuable attributes.” Taking on more work may seem like a good idea, especially if you want to get in your boss’s good book, but ultimately they should prefer for you to improve the quality of your work, not quantity.

6. Finally,  use those vacation days.

Vacation days are there for a reason! Use them to get away and see the world, or go and visit friends or family you haven’t been able to catch up with.  We need to be able shake up our routines, humans are not machines and cannot work 24/7 without breaking somehow. So take a break and relax, catch up on that TV show or read that new bestseller, do something different to show you that you are more than your job.

Hopefully these will help you begin to improve your wellbeing at work, the time spent in the office is the majority of most peoples day, so it is essential that we begin to improve our life there. At Infinity House Retreat we are working with virtual reality to help create a happier and healthier workforce, so watch this space to see how virtual reality could improve the wellness of your company.

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