Personality and body image are two separate containers.  Above board, the in’s and the outs of our identities should not be stereotyped. We can’t be one form of identity without connecting a characteristic trait to match it. We, as citizens of our modern world, must be trained to not be so narrow minded in how we formalize who we are, by how we look, especially in terms of body image. Our personality can be linked with our body image and vice versa. What’s more, seems to be the final signature.

Body image is terribly obsessed about in media, everyday banter and our daily meetings with our bedroom and bathroom mirrors. Outer shells are unquestionably our focus point and for most, the fundamental part of self esteem. Even though, I know this impacts how we feel of ourselves, it should never be our ultimate definition.

In an article in Hollywood life,

Khloe Kardashian referred to being ‘the fat and funny sister’.

“And if you hear something so many times, you start to believe it,” she added. “I just thought, ‘Okay, that’s my role.’ I started saying it before other people did. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m the fat, funny sister.’”

I had previously read in an article a while back, actress Catherine tyldseleys who plays Eva Price in Coronation Street had referred to help past self as:

“It sounds a cliché› but I was always the loud jolly one. The: fat cheery one. Not the sexy one”.

It bothers me why we use such a clichés. The natures of clichés plainly exist with reason. They are immediate forms of characterizations. We have become lazy in thinking that certain trademarks belong to a replica of an actual shape. I once remembered something that was said from ‘the wolf of wall street ‘a comment being made about a woman who was said to have been ugly and because of this, she would have had to make up for it in personality. I was appalled by this. It’s like; we must match characteristics with body image.  Does this mean, the more physically attractive some are they have the right to dissolve their personalities, because their exterior will do all the work for them and that’s enough! This seems to give off the scent that people who are more attractive externally are mainly excused for lack of charisma, just because of how well they do themselves up. Have we become so shallow of nation that you can’t be classed as funny, happy or bold ,without that being associated with  being called ‘fat’ or that’s the reason why we all are those things because: We. Have. Weight!

If you take a look in your social circle, family, friends etc, we probably cannot escape the label given to us by others. But that shouldn’t be, because we are measured by how we appear.

“I let it take ownership of me, and I didn’t feel motivated to change that perception,” she said. “In reality I wasn’t fat; I wasn’t obese. But I let society make me believe that I was.” Khloe Kardashian

It’s quick and easy to blame the media for these stereotypes, however… I do believe people in general make these assumptions. To balance the scale of a how a person should be, in the eyes of many people I believe the perception of body image is enough to define character. But the words that come with the body image, we have added on several meanings to what that personality should be in terms of how we look.

Once, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about a protagonist in the book ‘The signature of all things’ Alma Whittaker. She said that she didn’t want to portray her as a beauty, because it would be very ordinary. It’s always that we project heroism with a fine looking person. It’s not that they are victorious for their good looks. It is because of their actions.

Amusing personalities are troupers of expert sense of humours. Within them, they have the ability to pay attention to the lighter and witty sides of situations. It is nothing to do with anything but that.

If you notice, in the world of comedy you would see comedians come in all shapes and sizes. All different aspects of beauty are being presented. It doesn’t mean the much larger sized are funnier. The slimmer ones put on less of a show. As for personalities all over, Size of weight does not define size of personality.


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