The spirit realm is very symbolic and represents a deeper meaning to your life than you can imagine.  It can provide indicators and clues to aid you in your journey through life but more importantly, provide you with a motherly comfort.

The Native Americans and the Aboriginal people can be known for their mystical beliefs. Even though it was a part of their culture, Spirit Guides do not discriminate against anybody and sees everyone connected on earth as one with mother nature.

What is the meaning of the animal totem?

People who represent the lion are mostly rigid when it comes to facing the challenges life strikes them with. They are the leaders and not followers, the decisions a lion or lioness makes is instinctive and they know exactly where they stand amongst the crowd.  However, this can show some ignorance if you do not control your personal power.

The key to abundance, success, happiness is self-actualisation, the ability to sit back and connect with the universe. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that once the ‘physiological’ and ‘basic’ needs are met, you can then work to become the better version of yourself towards the ‘self-fulfillment’ needs.

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What does it mean if you are being chased by a lion?

If one is being chased by a lion or lions in a dream then this is an indicator that you lack self-confidence. Don’t stress too much as this is also a sign that you have the strength to complete a challenging task.

Seeing a lion in a dream looking at you emblems that the lion is here for you as a spiritual guide and teacher. Dreaming of lion or lions attacking you in a dream can be a warning sign of some disagreements within family or work colleagues. Play with caution and be aware, by having this dream you may be able to avoid it.

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A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

~ Vernon Howard

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