Once a month I go and have my eyebrows tamed by very talented women who know how a master a piece of thread between their fingers, to design a frame for the eyes. I put in trust of these women while I decide to close my eyes and leave it in their hands, in hope that when I wake, I will be transformed.   And for sure, what a difference it makes. Cheaper than a facelift the technique of eyebrow threading can cause you to appear, lighter faced and much more youthful. That’s if they get it right. However, not this time round.

My favoured eyebrow technical wasn’t in so I resorted to another. So as usual I rested and let her take to her magic. Meanwhile during the process, I noticed my neck hurt a little more. I felt too much had been plucked from one of them and this began to annoy me. I decided to get up and ask for the mirror. Immediately I could see that they had appeared thinner than usual, with a more unnatural arch. I wasn’t very happy. All the same I paid her and left.

However now I am in the process of growing them back I had begun thinking…

The lesson

In art, we were taught that our eyebrows are the centre of our face. I was confused. I thought our eyes and noses were. But my teacher explained that the face starts from the centre at the top of our heads. If we were to cut our heads in half send lift the top over we would see this. It’s only because our hairlines distract that that we fail to see it.

There are rules of the eyebrows -You must be careful not to take too much hair off on the arch at the end of the brow or the start of it because these parts hair does not wish to invite itself back to grow. If you take off to much from the start, it may make your nose appear wider. The more hair you leave on them the better.  This way you’re given more options and a bolder frame. Thinner eyebrows I am fine about when they are given a more defined shape.

I actually know the technique of threading it’s not as complicated as some many think. My sister masters her own, and my other sisters and its straightforward: Just remove any unwanted hairs that make the frame appear messy. There are plenty of YouTube videos to be lead by. When we go to visit these women we go and close our eyes and in good faith expect a first rate result. But my learning to do your own, you would be doing just the same but with your eyes open.


The Muslim religion, so I have been told, establishes that a woman’s beauty should be rarely altered. The only reason one should touch her eyebrows is when it resembles looking like a male. So, as a matter of fact only removing the centre of the brows as this makes women look less masculine.

Question: I wouldn’t put my life in someone else’s hands when you I am capable of controlling it, so why put the centre of my face in the hands of another when yours truly is really able to?


There’s a touching line in the chapter of Caitlin Morans: Moranathology: I time travel in the same four places where she quotes “I am in charge of me now”. I have a warm bond with as it reflects back to me growing older.   Compromising on the fact that, I will no longer go and have them done, but instead do them myself, I feel much more in charge of me and my eyebrows now.

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