When reading your latest book purchase, listening to your favourite Spotify playlist or watching Netflix reruns of the Gilmore Girls just don’t suffice as entertaining ways to fill your fleeting moments of free time, the world of podcasting might offer a refreshing option. With the popularity of podcasts exploding within recent years, it seems no matter what sort of mood you’re in, you can find solace, enjoyment, enlightenment, alternative opinion, and general enjoyment by tuning into the vast array of podcasts now available for free listening. Though, as like finding a good book, it can take some time to find the right one for you.

Ladies Who Lunch – Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes 

Youtubers Ingrid & Cat explore numerous subjects that are often seen as taboo when having those everyday conversations. If you’re looking for some refreshing honesty and some solidarity in the embarrassing experiences and issues suffered by most at some point, ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ may give you hours of light hearted yet eye opening listening. Full of girl empowerment, ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ continues to make a name for itself in the vast landscape of podcasting.


Happier – Gretchen Rubin

For those looking for more of a spiritual lift than a serving of easy-listening, from the best selling author of ‘The Happiness Project and Better’  Gretchen Rubin delivers a series that focuses on thought proking subjects, offering manageable advice and suggesting habits that could potentially change your outlook on numerous subjects. Arguably, unlike other mind/spiritual based podcasts, ‘Happier’ manages to avoid the often fallen into traps such as cheesy 1 liners and patronising advice, attempting to appeal to a much wider spectrum of listeners. Perhaps the evolution of book cult classics such as ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power Of Now’, podcasts such as ‘Happier’ may be worth your time if you’re feeling a little down and out. 


At Home With… – Anna Newton & Lily Pebbles

The perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea and lazy Sunday afternoon,  Anna & Lily have joined forces to create the first series of ‘At Home With…’ With a 10 part series opening the doors to the homes of some of most well-known names in both the Fashion & Beauty industries. The duo asks the questions you want to know and dive into parts of the guest’s homes not often seen. ‘At Home With…’ offers a relaxing listen that is bound slow down even the busiest of minds, offering a feeling similar to the elation felt after watching a great chick flick. If you’re the type of person who enjoys moseying through the wardrobes and private rooms of others, this podcast won’t dissappoint.


Hey, It’s Ok – Jo Elvin 

Editor in Chef at Glamour magazine, Jo Elvin delivers a series of podcasts which hosts weekly guests including Graham Norton, Jennifer Saunders, Fearne cotton and an endless list of recognisable names. Easy listening at its very best, whilst addressing many current issues that demand discussion and debate. Opening up a range of subjects such as mental health, relationships, nutrition and politics, each episode offers new, refreshing opinions and ideas. With a back catalog of more than 50 unique interviews and points of view, ‘Hey, It’s Ok’ really will boost your mood and fill your ears with endless hours of laugh out loud entertainment. Basically; a great option for those too lazy to flick through the pages of a physical magazine.


As more and more podcasts spanning a range of genres continue to fill the charts, finding a series which suits your mood has never been easier. No matter what your choice may be for your dose of indulgent listening, allowing yourself some time to step away from your day to day to-do list and invest in some down time is crucial for happy minds. Shifting your focus onto something a little less stress evoking such as listening to podcasts,  is often the perfect escape for both a frazzled brain and a hectic schedule, and a perfect excuse to step away from the screens in our lives.

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  1. I didn’t even know these exsisted, thank you for the info, l will now listen to podcasts whilst waiting for James to finish whatever class he is doing.

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