Resolution -solutions.

Each year’s invites itself onto our lives and there we are waiting to see what the New Year holds. To some, it’s never a New Year new start. Most people see it is “same picture different frame”. But not me. It’s a time for big time new proclamations which really transcend into procrastinations. Man, do I hate yearly resolutions. Might I suggest a resolution solution?  Instead of putting themes in the New Year with goals… why not throw them in as LIFE goals?

I wasn’t searching for a word; I just wanted an inkling of a clue to know what this year might hold. I have zero plans. I just want to live fully and presently in the moment. So spiritually ready, I am just wandering the earth, living the life already rolled out in front of me.

I felt the freshness of this New Year. I entered a word into my journal, it rolled naturally off my pen…

I wrote ‘wonder’.

A painting began being painted in my mind. I walked slowly towards a door, there was silence. As I walked I turned the handle and slowly pushed it open. The room was empty. I continued to walk… it’s suddenly stopped. What’s left to me now is the life I want to create… I get to choose what happens next. I pick my colour, my portrait or landscape. So right now, I am still wandering.

Some say this is silly. Because I have no plans that perhaps letting go and letting God is a lazy way to live. You may just float like a boat around life. But Eckhart Tolle taught me different… to think about the past makes me depressed; the future makes me anxious, so now.-Both feet are in the present.  I conduct under the spiritual path so; I surrender all to the divine. I am done with trying to put together a puzzle where the pieces belong to a different puzzle. If I follow my heart, if I keep my mind open to clues, I keep my vibrancies aglow; all I want to do is stay this way.

Funnily enough, my first re read of this year was Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic.  In here it mentioned that her soul, our souls do not seek externals. They do not need additional add on. That’s the ego. It was mentioned that the soul all it desired was one thing: Wonder. This was an omen for me.

I re read the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and it mentioned the word childlike. It interlinked with Ms Gilberts childish/ childlike theory.

I allowed these to just be my teachings.

Then, I went through all my wisdoms and did a checklist. My 2017 will be just a continuation of my life that I am living right now.  Not my yearly resolutions but my life resolutions will be the following:

  • Keep childlike but not childish
  • Keep the free spirit alive
  • Surrender, surrender , surrender
  • Keep gratitude as the attitude
  • And trust it all a little more

I hope mine are of use to you. May you decide that instead of making it a 2017 thing-Your spiritual adventure objective will be set in stone; it will last a lot longer and keep up the stimulus going forever more


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