First of all, you need to accept and be proud of yourself, curves or no curves!

It’s okay to be a size 10/12. It’s okay to eat healthy and clean food on a regular basis and some cheat meals once in a while. It’s okay not to attend the gym during one week because you had too much work, too many assignments, to many worries to handle. It’s okay as long as you feel good with yourself.

If your body has the tendency to be curvy, it’s fine. You should stop being so hard on yourself and learn to love every inch that makes you as beautiful as you are. Inner confidence and a happy soul are more beautiful that an unhealthy outside.

There isn’t an ideal body and, to remember this, here are some reasons for you to admire yourself!

1. Hour Glass Figure

It’s proven that one of the most desirable feminine bodies is the hour-glass. Men love it, women want it! It doesn’t make you too skinny or fat, just makes you sexy enough to be looked at and appreciated by sight. Be proud of being curvy!

2. We could dance and use our curves on the dance floor

Even if you’re not a fantastic dancer, every time you go to the dance floor you can move playing with your body: shaking your hips, moving your legs, being careful with your cleavage (you always have to have this in mind).

3. We’re strong against injuries

As the clumsy person that I am, I can admit that some of the ‘extra’ part of me already helped me avoiding breaking a leg or an arm, at some point of my life. Okay, honestly, last week, on the escalators of the tube. Think of it as a bigger protection against the world and its atrocities! Or just think that, if you’re clumsy, you would have a couple of broken bones already, if you were size 6.

4. It’s a lot more fun to dress

Jeans can look so good when they aren’t baggy or when they just fit perfectly on the hips, thighs and legs. A dress can be so lovely when it’s the right length and size. Importantly, if it suits you’re curves perfectly, you’ll look incredible for sure! Showing your body with elegance is a subtle art that a classy woman knows how to master. You lucky curvy girl!

5. Confidence

Confidence defines a person and the way you act in life. When you’re confident, you’ll care less about what everybody thinks about you’re outside, since it’s your inside that’s going to show how fierce and strong you are. People get more attracted to those who show trust in themselves.

6. You’ll be happier romantically

If you accept your body, it will improve for sure your love life. From the moment you stop being ashamed of it, you’ll feel happy with yourself, so you’ll be receptive to the appreciation of your other half. In a romantic moment, you’re going to be able to enjoy it without being worried and thinking “well, I hope he’s not noticing my thighs right now”. Your new positive attitude will impress your partner and he’s going to let you know about that for sure!

7. You need to love yourself fully before giving the chance for someone else to do it

This is the bottom line. Why would you want for other people to love you, if you’re not even able to do that yourself? Bigger than some extra kilos, is your sense of humour, your intelligence, the way you’re a gracious woman. If you have all of that, if you are an interesting caring soul, do you really think everyone’s going to be mainly focused on your body? Without clichés, what really counts is on the inside. So, prioritize what matters and care less about the rest. Above all, love yourself, body and soul! It allows others to do it as well.

And remember, wise curvy Marilyn Monroe once said: ‘To all girls that think you’re fat because you’re not size zero, you are the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.’

So, are you finally following her advice?

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