I am a devotee for encouraging spiritual freedom. We should not suppress ourselves to the shell of the human body, but make ourselves feel above and beyond that. We know we’ve only one shell as a platform to achieve whatever we went sent here to participate in. Therefore I am a fan of anything that has it’s an aspiration to help us do so.  I’ve come to appreciate the value of water. Of which I call- soul juice.

I call water soul juice for the reason that it’s petrol for the body. It doesn’t add anything new. It just intensifies all you already have. Drinking water does what oxygen does for the lungs; water does it the body- Heightening to perform to the best of its ability. Not only that, it hydrates the brain making it l jam packed of fluids so it can help operate. Energy is a big deal, in fact apart from the benefits of the physical impact, feeling more viable.

Why do we need to look further for a better liquid than this?

This invisible fluid increases’ us to perform at our best. It encourages us to be contemporary. To the body it just pressurizes the organs in the body to help them work better. The champion fact about water is it actually does work and well for all parts of our physique: Skin, hair, nails and body. Reason being; it helps push out all the unnecessary stored in us.

We are all very lucky to have access to it as it costs next to nothing, but does more than we assume. If we realize that everything we have to take good care of ourselves is inside us anyway, but all we need to do is spray upon it so it can disperse into a greater form, we would forget all other substances that we go after in order to keep fresh faced and wrinkle free. Not only that the energy we get from it is monumental.



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    Wow! You really impressed me by this post of yours. And what is more commendable is the authenticity of the content. Thanks for shearing the information.

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