The golden child of the moment, turmeric is well and truly having its time in the limelight after spending many years tucked away within the traditional recipes of Asian cuisine, hidden from much of the western world. Perhaps found lurking within some food cupboards as a tool to colour and add a bitterness to homemade curries, cheeses and mustards, turmeric’s beneficial qualities have encouraged its popularity to grow at a staggering rate throughout the world of health & nutrition.

Curcumin – the essential compound within turmeric that provides the spice with its array of health benefits, has been proven to act as an effective anti-inflammatory and hosts an impressive amount of antioxidant properties. With many suggesting that medical issues such as heart disease, cancer and other degenerative issues are often affected by chronic inflammation, the properties of turmeric are now used by many within the industry to help naturally boost the bodies defence mechanisms. Furthermore, the modest substance is also a favourite amongst those looking to replenish the body externally. Thanks to Tumeric’s ability to fight against free radicals, many support the opinion that when used topically or included within an antioxidant-rich diet, the spice can help prevent premature ageing and assist with the restoration of the skin’s elasticity. Better yet, some studies have even begun to highlight the benefits turmeric can have on our brain functions, reducing stress and promoting energy levels.

As with every trend,  a range of companies have begun to reap the rewards of including such a popular ingredient within their products. In more recent months, turmeric based coffees have now become permanent fixtures in the menus of 2 of the countries leading coffee chains, arguably filling the gap in the market where the health conscious, coffee lovers sit. As well as an addition to the beverages we love to consume, the turmeric trend has also begun to partner up with the nation’s love of baking. With many recipes for delicious goods now also using the spice to jazz up otherwise traditional bakes, and with thanks to a few mentions on this year’s The Great British Bake Off, turmeric’s versatility seems to have no end. For those not so savvy around a kitchen aid and those who aren’t so partial to a golden tinged latte, including turmeric into your diet can also be possible in some more mainstream ways. Without much effort, turmeric is easy to find in many health stores in capsule form and can be used as a daily supplement, especially effective for those who suffer from joint pain.

Thanks to the evidence coming readily from the research world, as well as it’s rich history, it appears turmeric will continue to make a name for itself within both the health and nutrition industries and arguably deserves its time in the limelight. However, as new findings supporting the benefits of a range of unassuming cupboard fillers continue to flood the food industry, it may be wise to take some time to determine fact from fiction, before purchasing a lorry full of the latest must-have ingredient.

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