Spirituality: My kind of God. Part one.

I have always believed in God-The higher power, the cosmic force, the spirit within. But I struggled to belong to a religion.  I knew I was spiritual but I just didn’t know the word for it. How do I say I believe in God but I don’t follow a religion? Is that even possible to do so? I just couldn’t adapt to any.            Taking all into account- I have decided to construct my own view- Here I share with you:

Spirituality- My  Kind of God.

I was baptised a Greek Orthodox. I couldn’t understand a word of church. But I know in heart I couldn’t label myself as one. I don’t fit into the genre of a religion. I also went to a catholic school for seven years. From 11 to 18 we scattered back and forth through the Greek Orthodox Church and the catholic masses feeling guilty for cheating them both at the same time. I see   Religion is in the mind, not the blood.   

Mahatma Gandhi says “God has no religion”.

I stand by this. I would hate to offend any religious texts out there and beliefs of people. It’s a private matter I do not wish to offend in a way. I know God hath no religion.  Religious texts were written by authors of the earth. The problem is with all of them each believes that there are right. This causes conflict.

I cannot believe in a God of segratiation, judgement and a final word.  To me, God wrote many books. God wrote Harry Potter in fact, indeed yes. He did. That creative spirit was the gift sent through J.K Rowling to entertain us and feed our imaginations. A beautiful thing about religion is the coming together of all communities willing to worship the same. . I think the religious texts are books of self help sent to individuals to help guide them through what Eckhart Tolle calls ‘Earth school’. I found self help books to be my religious texts.

Its lovely but it is somewhere where I do not belong. I have the right to choose. So I customize my mind set of beliefs. Religion only divides. The only good thing about it is that it gives structure to people’s lives .You can customize your beliefs as life happens.  I feel God appears to you as you would understand him. I know through all creative materials: Music, books and arts that’s Gods way of reaching to us. It’s up to us how we use and interpret it.

It is said that religion is for people scared to go to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.

Throughout my studies I have come to know of many spiritual teachers who have educated me with their ideologies. I found my theory of God in many books. But I know I have experienced the force.  Through my darkest nights, I have felt the light creep in and raise me up again. I have known God through my spirit. I felt the strongest form of faith communicate with me lifting me beyond. The depressed and negative state of mind purified with godlike thoughts of love and seeing things through elevated perspectives.

Eckhart Tolle discusses stillness and that is my way of connecting through prayer which is the old fashioned delivery of talking to God.

The Quran teaches us  “And seek help through patience and prayer” Su’rat Al Baqarah

.Marianne Williamson says we are extension of love of which we return to, and everything else: fear, hate anger is added on. Whenever we return to love, we return to God, our original source.  It was April 2012 I was lost, confused and searching. I was on Google I was typing away I opened the book preview of Conversations with God it opened.  It said it was Easter in 1992 and he had the experience where he was writing a letter to God when a response as God wrote through him as God. I was intrigued so I read the trilogy.

This is just an example of how God, through us. Iyanla Vanzant taught:

 “People can out talk you of your philosophies and your theories but they can never talk you of your experience”.

My connection to God is a peaceful one. It’s a kind of like ‘I know your there, I know you have always been and I know there are times I felt you were not, but you really were.

The bible tells us “The lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalms 34:18.

Pain is for us to dig deeper into our souls and find the hidden treasure of the Holy Spirit.

 “God dwells within you, as you”

Elizabeth Gilbert tells us in her book Eat Pray Love. This backs up what I have always felt. If I could show you a picture of how I view God I would tell you to sketch in your mind an octopus. The head of the octopus being God and the legs are the extension of the main body instead of having eight legs I would add millions. That would be us. We are extension of the greater power. We the little beings of the human experience are as godly as we believe we are not.

Spirituality is your personal experience. It’s your own walk with God.

 “We are spiritual beings who are having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard De Chardin.

I know there was more to me than my bones, blood and psychological mind. I accept Earth is my wonderland. I’m a teacher of my own wisdom and a free spirit in my right. I have plenty to debate on this topic. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll make a religion out of it.

The God I’ve come to know is one with no judgement, a sense of humour, compassion and understanding. As we all our extensions we should consider ourselves examples.

Stay tuned for part two.


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