don miguel ruiz


Resolution – Solutions.

Resolution -solutions. Each year’s invites itself onto our lives and there we are waiting to see what the New Year holds. To some, it’s never a New Year new start. Most people see it is “same picture different frame”. But not me. It’s a time for big time new proclamations which really transcend into procrastinations. Man, do I hate yearly resolutions. Might I suggest a resolution solution?  Instead of putting themes in the New Year with goals… why not throw them in as LIFE goals? I wasn’t searching for a word; I just wanted an inkling of a clue to know what this year might hold. I have zero plans. I just want to live fully and presently in the moment. So spiritually ready, I am just wandering the earth, living the life already rolled out in front of me. I felt the freshness of this New Year. I entered…