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Body Positive Instagram Accounts

So often when we talk about ‘body positivity’ we only associate the phrase with women and their weight. The idea is that a woman should be happy with whatever size she is and embrace body positivity with weight alone.  However, I wanted to show that anyone can be positive in all elements of their body, and I have created a list of Instagram accounts you should follow to inspire your journey to self love.

The Festival Diet: How To Avoid Monday Blues

With Festival season in full swing, it’s sun-filled long days full of dancing, good times and great music can make those dreary Winter nights feel like another lifetime ago. However, more often than not throwing caution to the wind and literally letting your beach waves down can often mean saying farewell to your well formulated healthy living routine. Thankfully due to many festival food vendors catching on to the huge demand for food options which accommodate the many healthy food trends sweeping the country, all is not lost if you want to experiment with new foods without fashioning a fast-food baby all weekend. The sheer number of food truck offerings at each festival, however, can still create a fast food minefield.  With an intimidating amount of equally endearing food trucks the temptation can still linger over even the most determined of us, but making smart decisions that don’t interfere with our enjoyment…

How To Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

We all know it. We all ignore it.

Air pollution is a topic we skirt around, pretending it’s not as bad as it is, especially as we can not even see it.

London is considered to have very high levels of air pollution. It broke its annual air pollution limit in just five days and at times it has been worse than Beijing’s notorious pollution levels. With superbugs having been discovered on the London Underground and car fumes having been revealed as the major cause of air pollution, it’s not looking good for the capital. Or, for our skin.

Why water can kill in the long run…

Contaminants: Over 300 man-made chemicals have been found in British tap water. Water distributors only check for 20 of these.  These range from chemicals in weed killers to dishwasher tablets, there has also been sufficient evidence of the female hormone Oestrogen from the contraceptive pill. There is also a big issue being researched as to how drinking Oestrogen is affecting male fertility. 1. Chlorine – Can cause bladder and rectal cancers, and also asthma. Recently, experts have linked chlorine to breast cancer. 2. Lead – Lead enters tap water through corroded pipes. Lead in drinking water is harmful to pregnant mothers and children. Lead poisoning has been proven to cause learning disorders and severe developmental delays. 3. Giardia and Cryptosporidium – These types of protozoa are responsible for widespread and severe outbreaks of gastro-intestinal diseases. They will make their way in the water system whenever here has been a sanitation breakdown.…