What is the soul?

The soul is a place for God to reside.  The spirit of God transfers itself through infinite energy. When we laugh, cry, smile, and rejoice, we connect to the soul. When we are in pain, fear and sadness we gain a little backtrack to help us recover. Assisting us through the human experience, our souls are our key to Godliness. During the human experience we do become a little sidetracked about what is our purpose and who we are. I see the soul as a transparent light. It can adapt to and from anything and anything. It is of no colour, no substance, and no gender. It is and says exactly what it I: Pure light. Light in form.  We are carried by the sparkles of spiritual stardust which allows us to creep through this experience. More times than others, we forget that we are here in, extended in human…

Top 10 Inventions Created by Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a man with many ideas and had over 300 patents to his name upon his death in 1943.  His ideas were revolutionary and his work is still being implemented to this day. The Serbian-American engineer and physicist was a brilliant inventor and he was way ahead of his time. He made breakthroughs and established some of the technologies in production, transmission, and application of electric power. 10. The Tesla Coil Many of us have probably seen this in science class which was used for scientific testing. This tower is made up of coils and capacitors which store and release a charge of energy creating a lighting spark in the air.  This creation has transformed the way our lives are today and has helped many engineers understand how to use electricity. 9. The Magnifying Transmitter Throughout Tesla’s career, he was obsessed with providing the world with wireless power and he definitely…