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Providers Or Plain senseless?

Equality issue alert> Can a Woman be the provider without looking like she’s being made a fool of? I have known of many examples where woman have become the providers. I can name a good amount now and I see the same re occurring patterns. Either:  the men are too old for mummy’s house, they pick their girlfriends home to play house in because this makes them look good in front of their friends.  they are either passing time with that particular girl, so they keep sleepovers as a satisfactory commitment. lazy, know their girlfriends/wives/partners foot the bill, so they’ll just cruise.  The GF/W/P already knows this, but to keep the peace (and their man) accept this role, struggling to challenge any. The belief that all men and women should be equal is something (I assume I speak for most) that most of us nowadays want.  Men can do a…

Investigating: the Gold Digger.

The game of love is a trial for us all.  Whilst, others may have a game plan. We all set aside a list which we require our potential partners to have.  In a previous article:  You are who you attract, I’ve mentioned that in order for you to get what you want in another, you be be that. Lets say for example: you want emotional stability , you must be emotionally stable . so you get my drift… For the moment, Id likes to focus on the term ‘Gold-digger’. I can’t deny, some women are out to find love, whilst others may set out for finances. But here, I have divided the two main meanings that may inflict this term: Ms Financial Security Vs the Real Gold Digger. What about those women who own their own money and just want someone who is just as secure as them? This is…