Mother Earth was generous enough to endow us with crystals meant to not only please us visually but also to act like a conduit of healing by filling us with positive energy.  It’s hard to track down the beginnings  of this ancient practice but experts believe it dates back to the very early days of humanity, when crystals were used in the form of amulets and talismans. Ancient civilisations such as the Chinese, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, came up with different ways of using these gemstones for purification and healing: they made them into powders, drank them as elixirs, wore them as jewellery or used them for ceremonies and rituals. Today, this ancient knowledge is modernised and used as a holistic method to cleanse the negative energy of the everyday life.

Different stones have different energetic properties and depending on what you are looking for, you can choose a crystal to suit your needs.

1. Clear Quartz 


Also known as the ‘Master Healer’, the Clear Quartz is used to draw off negative energy of all kind. This beautiful yet common crystal is known to bring clarity to your communication, bring harmony to the family life and it has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expends the human energy field.

2. Rose Quartz 

This beautiful pink stone is also known as the ‘Crystal of Unconditional Love’, due to its power to induce all kinds of love related feelings to its owner: sexual, spiritual and platonic. Carrier of soft feminine energy, it has the ability to emit energy of compassion , peace, tenderness and comfort.

3. Turquoise 

Looking beyond the use of this attractive blue stone as just a piece of jewellery, Turquoise is a purification stone. Perhaps the oldest known stone in history, it is known for its properties to dispel negative energy, to enhance the immune system and to heal the whole body. If you are in need of a stone to help you create stronger relationships, Turquoise has the ability to strengthen love and friendship bonds.

4. Amethyst 

This stunning stone was known as the ‘Gem of Fire’ by the ancient civilisations. A natural tranquilliser, it’s used to relieve stress , it soothes irritability, it balances mood swings and it helps overcome anxiety and depression. Therefor, if work gets too stressful and day-to-day chores seem impossible to handle, give this beautiful purple gem a try and let it work its magic.

5. Citrine

If you lack warmth in your life, Citrine is the one for you. Carrying the power of the sun, this beautiful yellow stone it’s known for its ability to bring comfort, energy and content. Also called the ‘Merchant’s Stone’, it has the property to not only help you acquire wealth , but it also helps to maintain it, so if you’re in desperate need for some cash give this stone a try.



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