With Festival season in full swing, it’s sun-filled long days full of dancing, good times and great music can make those dreary Winter nights feel like another lifetime ago. However, more often than not throwing caution to the wind and literally letting your beach waves down can often mean saying farewell to your well formulated healthy living routine. Thankfully due to many festival food vendors catching on to the huge demand for food options which accommodate the many healthy food trends sweeping the country, all is not lost if you want to experiment with new foods without fashioning a fast-food baby all weekend. The sheer number of food truck offerings at each festival, however, can still create a fast food minefield.  With an intimidating amount of equally endearing food trucks the temptation can still linger over even the most determined of us, but making smart decisions that don’t interfere with our enjoyment of the weekend can often mean we achieve both a guilt- free Monday morning and more importantly, a weekend full of awesome food.

Tips for the morning after: 

As with any morning after drinking Pimms until the sun rises, re-hydration is definitely crucial. Thanks to the drinking water facilities placed around festivals, hydration is pretty easy to sustain. Though queuing may seem extremely unappealing when you feel and look like a walking, glitter covered zombie, your body will thank you a million times over and you will feel ready to face another day of relentless fun-having.

As many may agree morning carb cravings are an unavoidable repercussion of most late nights, whether hungover or not. Without denying yourself the joyous feeling of feeding your body what it so desperately wants, locating a breakfast which can fulfil such dreams whilst refuelling your body with the nutrients it needs, is a great way to start the day as you mean to go on. Thankfully, a lot of food trucks now specialise in exactly that. With vendors that supply festival goers with the option of porridge-pots, smoothies and even acai bowls popping up left, right and centre at many festivals this Summer, you can be confident that you can grab some sort of satisfying breakfast, without having to become a regular at the bacon bap stand. (Though some mornings a girl’s got to eat what she’s got to eat.) Alternatively, if the idea of food makes your stomach churn, making a trip to one of the many coffee pop-up shops that will undoubtedly be placed around the site doesn’t have to result in an early morning sugar rush. Choosing to stick to an Americano, a Long Iced Black or just simply restraining yourself from indulging in those pesky, delicious syrups may help you feel more human, without adding any unnecessary calories.

Tips for throughout the day:

As you begin to feel a little more human again after a well-needed shower or baby wipe session, heading out to watch some more music and revisit the very accommodating Gin stand are often top priorities. Throughout the afternoon fuelled with a couple of G&T’s, temptation can quickly steer you off the righteous path of balanced nutrition. For those eager to avoid meat, stick to a dairy free diet or even find gluten free options, the choices have truly evolved from a leaf filled bowled. From Vegan paella stands to pop up GF bakeries, taking some time to stroll around the site to hone in on the innovative food vendors is definitely worth it – even if your legs are telling you to find the closest good-smelling thing and gorge your heart out.

Tips to avoid that 2 am Kebab: 

For most of us, food does tend to slip down our list of priorities as the day goes on. Behind fighting our way to the perfect spot to watch the headline act, to making new friends with the good-looking neighbouring campers, time often flies by and before we know it our stomachs are directing us to the welcomed arms of Mr.Kebab’s Shack.  Carrying fuel on the go such as low sugar- high protein bars or nut filled snacks can act as an energy boost throughout the later stages of the day and often provide the energy needed to avoid some of those overwhelming cravings. As Monday morning comes around, retreating to the feelings of guilt as you recollect your perhaps not so nutritious choices over the weekend is an easy trap to fall into. Balance is key and allowing some flexibility is any routine is often just as important as following one. As most can agree, finding the time to spend a whole weekend with some of your favourite people in the world is often a lot harder than squeezing in that extra HIIT session the following week. The Monday blues may still linger over us, but making smart choices through the weekend can often give us back at least a little control.




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