Sometimes it’s easier to break down your life’s patterns in order to see how each element is affecting your wellbeing. So I have composed a list describing the five elements of your wellbeing and advice on how to improve these aspects to help your overall wellbeing.

These five aspects are career, social, financial , physical, and community wellbeing, below I outline how you can improve these elements through simple techniques.

Career Wellbeing

This is what occupies your whole day, week, month and year. You need to be able to enjoy what your doing at work because otherwise your overall wellbeing will suffer. So make sure you are happy with where you are working and the rest will automatically improve. For more advice about how to improve your wellbeing at work look at our previous blog post where I talk about small changes you can make.

Financial Wellbeing

This is an aspect of our lives we perhaps wouldn’t consider to be affecting our wellbeing. However, this doesn’t mean that to have financial happiness you need to be rich, Jane Asscher says that ‘financial wellbeing isn’t about basic access to financial services or increasing levels of affluence. It’s the ability for people to best manage the money they have: having ‘sufficient control’ to enable people to pay for essentials, have occasional luxuries, service debts, save regularly and have a buffer for those unexpected expenses.’ So being more considerate of our finances will help our happiness.

Physical Wellbeing

We see everywhere that we should be eating healthier and exercising more, and although this may be a little overwhelming it really does help.  Your physical wellbeing affects your mental health which then can affect your life at work and as a result your finance. So make smart choices about what you eat, take time to exercise, get enough sleep, try to soak up the sun (when it’s not raining), and limit your alcohol drinking.

Mental Wellbeing

It can be quite hard to understand how to improve your mental wellbeing, and often we aren’t aware that it needs help. However there are steps you can take to keep it in check, for example try to connect with your friends and family and even those people around you, such as colleagues and neighbours. Human beings are social animals and having people around you is essential if you want support when you are at your lowest. Also try to learn new skills, this will help to give you a sense achievement and confidence, it can be as simple as learning a new recipe, planting a new flower or trying to fix your bike. Help out anyone you know in need and be mindful about your thoughts and feelings to learn how you feel at your best or worst.

Community Wellbeing

If you help out the community around you then you will find your wellbeing will improve. It can be as simple as offering to babysit a young family across the road, or checking in on a lonely elderly neighbour, perhaps bake them a cake! They will appreciate it more then you know and I’m sure these selfless acts will help your happiness.

I hope these help you understand and improve your wellbeing overall.

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