What is the law of vibration?

The law of vibration is the foundation behind the law of attraction. The universe can give and take depending on your frequency and your level of consciousness. The law of attraction is based on another law known as the ‘law of nature’ where the key principle of this law states that ‘like attracts like’. Many people want to manifest their desires but they probably don’t know where to start.


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How do I raise my frequency?

Quantum physics has already proven that we are not just this physical body, we have energy fields around us. It’s similar to breathing, we absorb energy and we also emit energy. Each one of us carries a different aura attracting different life experiences but when we realize we can connect with the universe, we can then become a human magnet to take control. Many people in the world are oblivious to this knowledge which is exactly why the top 10% of the population can control the other 90%.

Crystals are a great way and can come in many different varieties for many different applications. Crystals are formed naturally from mother nature and contain minerals. Some are high energy crystals which can dramatically help increase your frequency levels.

Meditation is a great practice for a healthy work life balance, 10 minutes before you sleep and 10 minutes before you get to work in the morning can make a big difference. If you would like to experience virtual aided meditation then please see our YouTube channel here.

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When two things are vibrating at the same frequency, they both transfuse together. Our thoughts and emotion put together alongside binaural beats can help dominate our thoughts and manifest our desires. Binaural beats are great for distracting the negative thoughts and gently turns them into positive and mindful thoughts.

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How long can it take to manifest

The universe acts accordingly however it could be as quick as this second if you are expecting a text message from a crush or a couple months depending on what you are trying to manifest. You also need to be real about your goals and have faith in yourself. Anyone can manifest a Lamborghini but don’t expect wonders overnight. Patience is a virtue and you need to embed your mind with just that one goal.  Slowly you will see the ladders be put in place and all the pieces of the puzzles will begin to come together over time. The keys to enabling your manifestation is to be patient, have unbreakable faith and let your desires be your most dominant thoughts every second of the day.

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