In terms of spirituality, one must find their own exploration of what their spirit serves for them. Individualistically, the awakening the spirit is the duty that all beings must tap into. For there,  and symbolically as the seventh chakra teaches, beholds the crown- which is the connection to the divine, and its crown jewels are everything that is practiced from that.

Now, I follow my own spirit as opposed to any religion .Although I am not a profound Christian, I do find myself drawn to Christian speaker Joyce Meyer and I do sit on few evenings in tune with her teachings about Christianity.

She touched upon a topic that has become very dear to me about wealth. She stated that people, if they did not have ‘joy’ and didn’t not have ‘peace’ they couldn’t be ‘rich’.

She is exactly on point here. Truth, in my competency is very universal. No matter who speaks it and where it comes from it applies to all.

The old notion that ‘money doesn’t buy us happiness’ too rings a bell here.  In spite of this, money can buy us the house we live in, they clothes we wear and the food we eat- because without this stuff we would have no external survival. And we cannot deny that this stuff doesn’t contribute to our overall state of pleasure.

Eventually, you still begin to feel a tad lonely or unfulfilled. What I know for sure is if you’re spiritually empty, you do suffer poverty no matter your social status, income or job title. As Ms Meyer teaches without the flow of joy and peace, there’s no soulful prosperity.

You could be in the lowest paid job, still cover your essentials and be content with where you are.  Maybe you aren’t climbing the ladder and expanding your professions, but it’s enough for you. There is some kind of lightness when you have less responsibility in what you do daily. Especially, when you’re not passionate about what you do. Some do choose less paid jobs and of less demand. Just to not have the weight of more on their shoulders.

Some would rather have a bigger title just to feel more superior. Put aside the fact some would like a challenge or progress within a company. They think by putting on a title above their name gives them more definition and heightens them. But really, they would swap their deliriums for the sake of this.

How can one flounder in their day to day life in exchange for a title and a larger pay check?

I totally get that going up the ladder may be the time to grow professionally but this should only be wanted if personally development is included -Spiritually advancement as a plus too.

Technically one just becomes a little boy or in a big man’s suit or   little girl in a ladies dress.

Owning your own spirit to the outside world may look like one is not doing well. But with tender moments of experiencing joy, laughter and peace and being able to preserve this periodically, each has the true richness of the truest  crown and all else from that.


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