With spirituality on the rise and an increasing interest in the law of attraction, affirmations have become commonplace for many people.

Life coaches and motivational speakers are full of praise for affirmations and it’s not hard to see why: they have the power to transform any and every area of our lives. But it can be tricky to find the perfect affirmation especially when we have numerous aspects of our lives that we wish to change.

In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay offers many affirmations, some of which focus on improving our lives as a whole rather than particular areas. So, if you’re struggling to decide which area of your life needs the most attention, why not choose one of the general affirmations below?

“I love and approve of myself”

The beauty of this affirmation lies in its power to transform our self-worth from non-existent to full throttle! Hay believes that all of our problems derive from the same place: a lack of self-love and self-worth, so, by adopting this affirmation we can begin to work on the source of our issues.

“Only good lies before me”

This affirmation helps us to feel calm and settled about the future, therefore helping us to be happier in the present. By reciting this affirmation we let go of our stresses and worries and come to believe that everything that happens is for our good.

“I deserve the best”

This affirmation helps us to accept good things into our lives. When we genuinely believe we deserve the best we allow it into our lives rather than subconsciously, or consciously, rejecting it. On some level, the problems we face in our lives can be traced back to our belief that we deserve to struggle or that we don’t deserve to succeed. If this is true for you, this affirmation could be the key to breaking this damaging thought process.

Affirmations can be the key to breaking bad habits and developing beneficial attitudes and behaviours, but it is important to remember that affirmations only work in accordance to the amount of effort you put in.

Saying an affirmation ten times a day is a brilliant start but it won’t override the negative beliefs you have been constantly saying to yourself for years. Affirmations should become like a broken record; something that you say to yourself hundreds of times a day. Doing this will not only change negative beliefs more rapidly, but it will also bring desirable circumstances into your life at a faster rate.

So if you want to make a change, set yourself the challenge of saying one of these affirmations for 30 days and see the difference it makes to your life!

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