It seems there are more skin care products than ever promising to turn back the clock and grant flawless, youthful skin. The overly saturated market has companies battling to obtain consumers with a constant flow of new products, technological advances and often long lists of confusing ingredients. Though, It seems the markets new trend is here to stay for the time being.  With many brands now scientifically proving the advantages of Vitamin C based products, why is it now the vital ingredient to achieving that elusive glow? At a time where pre mature aging is a concern for many of us before we even hit 30, the prospect of both age prevention and pigment correction appears to be enticing even to the most skeptical of us to invest in an array of products that champion the anti-oxidant and pro-collagen properties of Vitamin C.

As like all skin care labels,  the umbrella of “Vitamin C” covers a huge range of products that vary in concentration and forms of vitamin C itself, creating a confusing landscape of possibilities to those of us who aren’t trained dermatologists or chemistry enthusiasts. As with all skin care, finding your perfect match can be a royal pain and may leave your purse feeling rather lighter. So where does the Average Joe begin? With concentrations ranging from 0.5% to 25%, it seems that finding out what your skin concerns are, to begin with, can lead you on the path to product satisfaction.

With brands such as SkinCeuticals offering patent formulas, the market leader seemingly caters to an array of consumers whose skin worries range from uneven skin tone to fine lines and wrinkles, with impressive proven results. Though, due it’s stellar reputation, the cost that accompanies many of their products may have you believe that they are made from gold. For those willing to invest, the reviews and research behind their products suggest that disappointment is pretty rare. In comparison, other online beauty brands such as The Ordinary have followed suit, with reviews to rival the premium end of the market, but with prices that may have you believe otherwise. Showcasing that adding vitamin C to a skin care regimen doesn’t have to be such a financially daunting concept.

With better known high street names such as Clinique and Kheil’s also offering their own vitamin C based products, that promise to rejuvenate with slightly less heartbreaking price tags, research seems crucial when deciding on your weapon of choice. Without the guidance of a trained dermatologist, it may be argued that taking a leap of faith on a new product is sometimes the only way to discover if it is the product for you. Though, having a little knowledge of your own skin type and how it reacts to certain ingredients can often make the whole process a lot less stressful for our delicate skin.

With a lot of arguably deserved hype surrounding vitamin C and its ability to directly prevent and correct several skin worries, it seems imperative to take the time to research and ensure the products which you invest in are really worth their buck. With a lot of delicate ingredients often the key to effective formulas looking out for the crucial ingredient of L-ascorbic Acid, and following the advice from those with certified knowledge will hopefully lead you to the product of your skin’s dreams.

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