The soul is a place for God to reside.  The spirit of God transfers itself through infinite energy. When we laugh, cry, smile, and rejoice, we connect to the soul. When we are in pain, fear and sadness we gain a little backtrack to help us recover. Assisting us through the human experience, our souls are our key to Godliness. During the human experience we do become a little sidetracked about what is our purpose and who we are.

I see the soul as a transparent light. It can adapt to and from anything and anything. It is of no colour, no substance, and no gender. It is and says exactly what it I: Pure light. Light in form.  We are carried by the sparkles of spiritual stardust which allows us to creep through this experience. More times than others, we forget that we are here in, extended in human form but carried by the soul. More times than others, we don’t connect to it. We tend not to look above and beyond about what this earth school is about. Having an earthly experience makes earth our wonderland. We must connect to our Godliness in order to proceed to our spirituality.

Before time could tell us what we were about, we discover that we tended to follow formalities that where already before us. Life created work, routine, schedules. We followed traditions, realities, religions and all. But what we were not told was that each of us has a divine spiritual calling that we must pay tribute too. Each of us as individual must find God, not only in the clouds, not on the soil, but within us. When we touch upon this, we realize once and for all, we are connected.

The light of our soul, lightly, but deeply transcends right though gently stroking all things in order for our spirits to work with each other. Through all our being, when we lose sight of this, we lose sight of whom and what we are.

Once we embrace our lights we glow as more than humans, to the average human, we are bolder and florescent. When we meet someone who is spiritually awake, we feel enshrined by them. Only if we would like to be awakened must we accept the fire of their flame to magnify ours. Only can we be inspired, the work of being claiming our true soulistry is to do the work that is required within us.

Finding our Godliness is an effort that requires all human qualities to build. Once we use our talents, humour.

When we practice love, compassion, kindness and joy we practice God on a daily basis. The only God the great divine requires us to worship is the God is us. Through loving ourselves, we love God. Then God can only begin to function fully. The soul wraps up our human experience and keeps it warm tenderly, lovingly and caringly. Without knowing this we can only conform to just the functions of the human body. This is limited. Pursuing out to the soul of us is limitless. This gives us endless and amplified power. When we behold this occasions, people, events become unexplainable to the psyche, but understood by the spirit.

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