An affirmation is a powerful  mantra which will enable you to transform your mindset and achieve your goals. In this blog post I will outline the benefits of affirmations, and show you how to use them.

The mind is an extremely powerful thing, simply by believing one has already achieved a goal, the mind is able to make it happen.

Affirmations can be used both for daily life but can also help you achieve specific goals, in an extremely wide variety of topics from gaining an abundance of wealth, to manifesting a specific person.

How can I start using affirmations?

Infinity House Retreat Academy features a number of free 21 day affirmation courses to help you achieve your goals.

When you are starting your affirmation journey, to get the best results it is essential that you structure your time and get organised.

Get yourself a diary: at the beginning of each day, as soon as you get up get your diary and write down your affirmations. As you write them pay attention to what you’re doing and focus. Believe that you have already achieved your goals.

Once you have written these down take 5 minutes to watch an affirmation video. The video you watch will depend on what you hope to achieve.

Structure your day by outlining what times  you would like to do your affirmations. Try and do them a minimum of twice a day. The more often you do affirmations, the more effective they will be.

Below is an example of how you can structure your day, this guideline is flexible, personalise it and make it work for you.

7am – Wake up and write your affirmations down in your diary.

8am – Before you leave the house repeat your mantra to yourself.

12pm – Lunchtime: Be thankful for what you have and use your mantra.

4pm – Middle of the day slump: Use your affirmations to motivate yourself.

7pm – After you’ve eaten your dinner use your affirmations.

10pm – The last thing you do at night, before you go to sleep.

Visit the Infinity House Retreat YouTube channel to choose from a wide range of affirmation videos.

How soon will I start to notice a change?

The effectiveness of your affirmations will depend greatly on how vigilant you are with your routine, and the subject matter.

It is possible that you will start to notice a change straight away, simply by believing in yourself and transforming your mentality, you have the ability to change your life.

Infinity House Retreat 21 Day Affirmation Courses

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