There is not a single more satisfying moment than removing your makeup after a long day. The feeling of freshly washed skin is, without a doubt, one of the life’s many joys. However, for some this joy comes hand in hand with a distinct feeling of dread, as they uncover the imperfections and blemishes that they have so carefully hidden from the world. Though a condition suffered by a sizable percentage of the public at some point throughout their lives, Acne is still an unwelcome visitor in our Instagram filtered world. Those who suffer from the psychologically draining condition can frequently lose a huge chunk of their self-worth due to a condition that is often out of their control. With the enjoyment of social events, special occasions and everyday life often paying the price, dealing with Acne at any age is often a long, drawn-out battle made distinctly harder by the casual celebrity skin shaming that often hits headlines.

Residing deep within several popular media sources, examples of casual skin shaming can be found without much effort. Using the flaw suffered by so much of the population, some publications seem to take no prisoners when looking to fill their pages. As something that has arguably yet to gain the attention and prevention it deserves, skin shaming often leaves readers who suffer from Acne and other skin conditions reaching for the unobtainable. As the fight against body shaming continues to be at the forefront of several campaigns, it appears promoting skin positivity is also something that desperately needs some attention.  The public skin -shaming of those in the limelight, can’t be disregarded as huge contributors to the daily pressures we put on our own delicate skin. As mere mortals with restricted access to the chemical peels, weekly facials, and the latest product to guarantee the glow, a huge portion of sufferers are constantly battling to fix their seemingly unacceptable flaws. Such negative self-awareness can only be magnified and further embedded when the shaming of those who may, in fact, have access to such luxuries, get called out for their skin-deep flaws.

At a time where the celebration of individuality is the core of several campaigns, surely it must be time to challenge the focus currently put on the aesthetic flaws of fellow females?  Encouragingly, with the comparison culture slowly fading into the shadows of the culture of self-love and girl power maybe we can hope that skin-shaming – or shaming of any form, will cease to be a part of the media world some day soon. Until then reminding ourselves that though sometimes hard to sustain on those days when you feel less than your best, body, skin and mind positivity, can more often than not help eradicate any seeds of self-doubt planted by the culture of perfection.

Perfection –  a mystical creature that even the most famous struggle to capture. 


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