Contaminants: Over 300 man-made chemicals have been found in British tap water. Water distributors only check for 20 of these.  These range from chemicals in weed killers to dishwasher tablets, there has also been sufficient evidence of the female hormone Oestrogen from the contraceptive pill. There is also a big issue being researched as to how drinking Oestrogen is affecting male fertility.

1. Chlorine – Can cause bladder and rectal cancers, and also asthma. Recently, experts have linked chlorine to breast cancer.

2. Lead – Lead enters tap water through corroded pipes. Lead in drinking water is harmful to pregnant mothers and children. Lead poisoning has been proven to cause learning disorders and severe developmental delays.

3. Giardia and Cryptosporidium – These types of protozoa are responsible for widespread and severe outbreaks of gastro-intestinal diseases. They will make their way in the water system whenever here has been a sanitation breakdown. –

Fluoride: A very big topic and what I’d like to point out is the countries with the worst tap water in the world according to a publication from the WHO (World Health Organisation) in 2004.  There is a red herring which is the evidence to support why it is good for us but what is not discussed is the long-term side effects. The recommended daily allowance of fluoride intake varies upon the age and sex of the person, however the average intake is recommended between 3-4mg. The biggest concern is regarding the effects on the pineal gland, blocking our spiritual gateway which disconnects yourself to the higher power. It essentially calcifies your pineal gland resulting in less melatonin production.


For useful information on how to decalcify your pineal gland, please see here 

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PH: This is the measurement between alkaline and acidity. In case you didn’t already know, cancer cells feed on acid which is why it’s best to avoid fizzy drinks. You’ll be surprised on the cleaning performance of these drinks in the supermarket. The best thing to do is get an alkaline filter and also use a PH tester to show the color scale of your drinking water.

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How much water does a person use in a lifetime?
The number is only approximate so 30,000 days would be a good round estimate. If the average person drinks a gallon of water each day and lives for about 30,000 days this will be 30,000 gallons of water consumed in a lifetime.

To summarise as I have covered a lot in this single post, be more cautious about what you feed yourself. Many people consider it going over the top but that is only because they have not researched into case studies and taken all the factors into account. Taking into account all the points I have covered, educate yourself further and learn about how you can increase your lifespan by taking control of your intake.


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