In the last year, the modest Beetroot has well and truly cemented itself as a staple in the cupboards of the foodies of the nation. With its fuchsia shade and sweet flavour, it has become a god send for those hoping to create any Insta worthy dishes. The Beetroot boom has seen the unassuming vegetable soar up in the list of “superfoods” and thanks to its impressive nutritional content including high levels of fiber, iron and natural antioxidants, you will find it popping up in a range of both sweet and savory recipes without much effort.

Beetroot Baking…

In correlation with the baking phenomenon that has swept through the kitchens of the United Kingdom within the last few years, alternative baking using ingredients deemed to offer slightly less guilt when gorging on your 5th brownie has also seen a growth in popularity.  In company with many other staple ingredients such as Coconut sugar and Spelt flour, the trusty beetroot has secured its place within thousands of recipes that fall under the very large and ever expanding umbrella of ‘healthy’ bakes. Blending perfectly with the rich flavours of dark chocolate, beetroot brownies are a lazy baker’s best friend and an easy way to up your 5 a-day tally.  Following a recipe such as Deliciously Ella’s could create a slightly more exotic brownie experience whilst offering a frankly more delicious way to introduce beetroot into your everyday diet.

Beetroot Breakfast… 

Unless you’ve been hiding underneath Social Media-free rock for the last year, you’ve probably come across the trend of Overnight Oats. Championed by public figures such as the Body Coach, it’s a breakfast craze that seems likely to stick around due to its convenience and versatility.  With variations of the trend offering some enticing recipes that promise to taste like your favourite chocolate bar or dessert, beetroot has become a reoccurring ingredient in many. Once again, due to its natural sweetness throwing it into your morning meal couldn’t be simpler. Blending a medium beetroot with your standard serving of oats, a small banana, a handful of nuts could offer you a satisfying breakfast both nutritionally and aesthetically. Similarly, beetroot works equally well in many smoothie bowl recipes. Taking inspiration from recipes such as the one created by Jessica In The Kitchen will ensure a tasty and beige free breakfast!

Beetroot in the P.M….

If invading your morning porridge with a root vegetable is where you draw the line, exploring other on-the-go options may be worth your time. From snacks such as the Bounce Beetroot Cashew VLife Protein Ball to Pret A Manger’s Beet Beautiful juice, finding ways to add some purple to your diet has never been easier thanks to many market leaders offering their own unique twist on the trend.

Introduced by our neighbours across the pond,  dinner alternatives such as Beetroot Burgers have also become increasingly popular amongst several food bloggers and chefs. Those looking to reinvent the often blend Veggie Burger, have had their prays answered by the Oz inspired concept that combines numerous flavours to create a mouth watering meat substitute. Whether meat eater or committed vegan, Beet Burgers offer a perfect meal to accompany many a Summer’s evening. With many recipes now popping up across the blogosphere, Madeline Shaw’s Vegan recipe will guarantee an unrivaled Beet Burger experience.

As with all food trends, the beetroot craze will inevitably fade into the shadows of the next the food revelation that is waiting to take over the country. Though, until that time, it seems beetroot will be sticking around,  continuing to pop up in the most unlikely recipes.

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